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Exclusive "Advertising Systems"
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Start a Home-Based Marketing Business
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If you can visit Local Businesses, you can earn the following:
Part Time:
2 Order/Month pays you $19,200/Year
Full Time: 2 Orders/Week pays you $80,000/year



High Profit Home-Based Marketing Business
NO supplies to buy - and NO Inventory

Become a CityNation
Sales Representative

Our exclusive "Advertising Systems" will make ANY business GROW
You install and set up our "Advertising Systems" in Local Businesses
And you help Local Companies GROW their Business

Start your own Home-Based B2B Marketing Business

Everything is furnished to you Free
Build a Marketing Business that You Can Own
Get Exclusive Sales Territory - Work your own hours

You meet interesting people
Be your own boss

Turn your Spare Time
into a business that
pays you
a real income

Learn a new skill.
Use your existing skills
to earn extra money
in your Spare Time

Turn your Spare Time
into a Real Business

Work Part Time
Just 2 Orders each Month Pays you
$19,200 per year

Work Full-Time
Just 2 Orders each Week pays you
$80,000 per Year

Plus, this does NOT include the
considerable Extra Money from your Sales Team

Become a CityNation
Sales Representative

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The Freedom to Earn Considerable Money - Any Time You Want
You Can 
Do It Your Way Sales Reps

Be yourself. Make a difference. Help a business GROW.
And make good money for yourself and your family.
You help local businesses GROW.



How It WORKS Sales Reps
Start earning fast

Use our simple marketing system. Start earning money your first week after your Training. The local businesses that you talk to will want to learn how you will make their business Grow. Show them how to use our Advertising Systems and grow their business.

This is a home-based independent representative job. There are no limits to the number of Orders that you can obtain. And, you can work whatever hours you want. You are in charge. Make your own schedule.

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and become a CityNation Sales Representative

Our first tele-conference Training will answer all your questions and prepares you to get started right away. Our Starter Kit provides the basic instructions and demos. After your Training, you are ready to get started as our Sales Representative. 

Special instructions are included that shows you our unique Presentation Procedures and how to obtain Orders automatically.

Our ongoing Training and Support Services are Free
Training is provided via email, tele-conference, website, and videos. A variety of support services are provided. Our goal is to give you all the knowledge and help you need.

How Your Training Works - First, we send you a Questionnaire so we can customize your Training Program. Next, we phone you start your Training. Within a week, you can be ready start earning money as our home-based Sales Rep or as the owner of your own home-based Marketing Business.

Build a Team of Representatives who will
Earn You Extra Money

You can also build a Sales Team that earns you Extra Money. We pay you Extra Money every time one of your Sales Team Members obtains an Order.  You can build your Team to as many Members as you want.

Your Business Stories

Our Products Sales Reps

CityNation Advertising Systems
Advertising and Promotions
for local Brick & Mortar Businesses

Premium Yellow Pages
The Local Business can publish
Full Page Advertisements
includes Local Map, and more.

Your Business Stories
The Local Business can publish
Unlimited Business Stories
Any time they want - as often as they want.
And more.

Business Consulting Services
Our Rep provides Consulting Services.
Shows how to get community involved in promoting
the Local Businesses. And more.

The Premium Yellow Pages

This is FOR YOU Sales Reps

Earn Extra Money
You can work part-time, your own hours. Just 2 Orders per month will earn you $19,200 per year. Visit local businesses and hand out the Flyers. Talk to the managers about the new ways they can Grow their Business. If you want to obtain only 2 Orders each month, that's fine. You can make your own schedule.

Learn a Professional Skill
You learn Business Consultant Skills. Plus, learn advertising and marketing methods. You keep improving your Skills and will become an expert as you talk to the business managers.

Start this Career Job
This is a permanent Career Job, full or part time. You receive our Initial Training and ongoing Training. You can build and manage a large Sales Team. And, you can progress to an Executive Management Position at CityNation. This available to you as a lifetime career.

Build a Large Sales Team
You can earn Extra Money from every Order obtained by your Sales Team. Build a Sales Team with just 20 Members and you can earn over $100,000 per year.

Start this as a
Very Profitable Home-Based Marketing Business

This provides a valuable and profitable Home Based Marketing Business. You can even sell the business for a good profit, if you want. Or, you can semi-retire and just mange your Sales Team. The "Advertising Systems" are annual subscriptions, renewed every year. This helps you easily Grow your Business. Plus, every business needs this "Advertising System." The more you look into this opportunity, the better it gets.



How do I get started?
It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up! Fill out the registration form and get started.

What happens after I sign up?

We phone you to answer your questions and we schedule your training to get started.


How good is this Home-Based Job?
This is the best home-based Business to Business (B2B) Job or Home-Business anywhere in the U.S. This is actually better and more profitable then buying a $50,000 Franchise. You can work any hours you want, from home, part time or full time. You will be a Consultant that shows companies how they can expand their business using our new type of "Advertising Systems." When the word gets out that you are in town, you will have businesses calling on you.

How much can I earn selling the CityNation Advertising Systems?

Your earnings match your efforts. Mostly, your earnings depend on the number of hours you work and how much you learn about our Products. The more you learn, the more you can help your potential customers, and the more they will want to buy from you.

Part time, you should be able to obtain at least 1 or 2 Orders per month. Full time, you should be able to obtain at least 1 or 2 Orders per week. The standard Order pays you $800 commission.

Work Part Time. Just 2 Orders each Month Pays you $19,200 per year.

Work Full-Time. Or. 2 Orders each Week Pays you $80,000 per Year

How do I place Orders and get paid?
Our website provides the Payment Page. You show the customers how to pay on our Payment Page. Your Startup Kit has all the instructions. You get paid within 7 days after CityNation receives payment from the customer. Usually, we pay you electronically from PayPal, unless you request otherwise. We pay electronically to you on Fridays, for all customer payments received during that week.

How can I be successful?
Over 90% of the time, it is your relationship with your customers and how much you know about our Products. The "Systems" that we designed enable you to make very good relations with your customers. For example, during the various training that you receive, you will learn the techniques for helping your customers grow their business. You can visit your customers any time and discuss the new techniques you learned. In most cases, your customers will regard you as their friendly "Marketing Expert" who helps their business Grow - and they will be glad to see you at any time.

Can I receive help from CityNation at any time?
During working hours you can phone any time and get help. Or, you can send an email to CityNation any time. Usually, your email will be answered within 24 hours. We are creating a QA database with most of the questions, which you could access at any time.

How can I earn money from my Sales Team?
You will automatically earn money when a Member of your Sales Team obtains a new Order. The amount will be entered into your Account and you will receive a notice via email. Payments to you are made weekly, electronically on Fridays. With a Sales Team of 30 active Members, you could earn from $120,000 to $180,000 per year. This depends on many things. But, mostly your supervision of your Sales Team.


Is this be a real Home-Based Marketing Business for me?
Yes. Absolutely. We provide you with everything plus more then a Franchise business would furnish. For example, a Franchisor would charge you money but not include the ongoing training and support services which we furnish. You can even obtain Exclusive Territory. And, you can sell your business, if you wanted to, and keep all the money.


Can I Just Build and Manage a Sales Team?
Yes. You could keep your Day-Job and earn Extra Money from your Sales Team, which you could build and manage in your spare time. In fact, your Sales Team could make you more money then your Day-Job does.



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