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Wednesday August 12, 2015

JOBS Social Network - That Gets You a Better Job
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CityNation JOBS Social Network

Jobs Social Network that connects you to employers, other Members, and friends anywhere in the country. Free

2 Executive Management Training Programs

Provides the Management Training you need to get a good management job. Free

3 CityNation News           
and other companies

Provides the Management Job Experience you need to get a good management job. Free

4 Employment service     

Promotes you to employers locally and all over the U.S. to help you get a good management job. Free

CityNation JOBS Social Network

This is a "Jobs Social Network" where you can receive the necessary training and real management job experience that will bring you a good job. You can also meet employers and new friends that will help you get a good job. Sign up now for early enrollment.

One of the absolute best method for you to obtain a good management Job - is to first get the related experience in that job. Plus, if you really want to get a good management job or a promotion - you need to find someone who will help you.

Nowadays, employers require related experience for a good management job. We provide the related experience that you need. And, we provide the connections to employers and a network of help - plus a lot more.

We are the only organization in the country that provides the actual job experience for a Management Job as part of your training. This special training is available in every city in the U.S. and you can train in your own local area, including your own selected hours. Plus, this is furnished to you free. But, make no mistake - this training and Job Experience that you receive will significantly speed your entire career for the rest of your life.

NOTICE. This is early enrollment to our "CityNation JOBS Social Network."  You can sign up now, get in front of the line, and receive special help to get started in our Executive Management Training Program. We will send you information for an early start. Note: All features are not yet installed.

Click Here to sign up now. There is no cost to you.

We train you for a management job (entry level to VP). We try to include everything you need to obtain a good management Job. And, we do it with style and panache, like nobody else does. If we missed something, please let us know. We want to make sure that we provide everything you need to get a good management job.

With this training program, we are going to promote you to employers, locally and all over the country. You can receive training as long as you want. We recommend a 6-month, 1-year, or 2-year training program. You can participate part time, in your local area, days, evenings, or weekends. Thus, you can keep your day job or college class schedule while training.

CityNation Social Network

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Executive Management
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A good job
can be more important
than just a job.
Please read our Job Essay.

Overview. The CityNation JOBS Social Network is all about Jobs, Job Training, real job experience, Employers, employment services, help obtaining a good Job, and social networking between you and employers, other Members, companies, and your friends. We included our CityNation News online publication where you can find all kinds of new and interesting stuff as well as obtain your management job experience.

How To become a Member of the CityNation JOBS Social Network. After you sign up, next you should prepare and submit your Profile and Resume. To get started with your free Executive Management Training Program and obtain real job experience, you should fill out the Application, enter your desired management Job Category, and submit the Application.

You will then become a Member of our Executive Management Training Program and start the free management training. Next, you will need to prepare and submit your Project Plan for approval. When your Project Plan is approved, you than proceed to manage and work on your Project and organize a Team or Business Consulting Group to help you implement your Project.

When we receive your Application, we will send you detailed instructions for preparing your Project Plan and starting and implementing your Projects and your Project Teams.

Your training. You can select from over 70 different Management Job Categories, from entry level to VP. You can work part time, locally in your own area, days, evenings, or weekends. You decide your own hours. You receive training via video, website training modules, emails, local live seminars, and via the Projects that you create or participate in.

Projects. When you sign up to CityNation JOBS Social Network and join the Jobs Section,  You will be able to enter your Profile, Resume and any other things you want to show employers. You can also search the database, contact other members, leave messages, and much more. But most important, you will be able to start or Join a Project.

Projects provide the training and the actual job experience. You can join as Entry Level or Manager. You can progress to Manager, Director, or VP during your training. If you already are a Manager, you can progress to Director or VP. It is up to you. It depends on how large and complex your Project is.

The social network will provide connections between our Members and employers, provide your own private video conferencing capability, and otherwise function like a Facebook. .

Anyone can join. Here is the story of Mary Wadney, a very ambitious young lady who wanted to become a videographer for an advertising company. See how she progressed from little experience to success. (Story furnished when you join.)

Who should Join. Anyone can join. You can join and just use the Social Network Section and enter your Profile and Resume so employers may contact you.

Or, you can join our Executive Management Training Program and receive the free training, job experience, and employment services. Whether you are seeking your first job or you want a promotion from your current, this is the training program that will advance your career. And, it's free.

Employers. Post your job openings. Place display advertisements. Search our Directory. Read Resumes. Interview and hire our Members.

Local Providers. (Churches, Non Profit Org, and college Student Business Org). Help enroll folks in this free Training Program.

Advertisers & Employers. Get extra ads and lowest rates during this phase of our Jobs Social Network. 

Investors. We are the only company that provides real job experience (in every city) for management training.
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