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This Complete Home-Based Advertising Business can earn you over $200,000 per year.
You can start at "Entry Level" or as a “Professional."
Work your own hours and schedule. Advance at your own pace.

There is nothing to buy, no inventory to handle, and this complete Home-Based Advertising Business is furnished Free.

Advertising is a Billion Dollar Industry. Every business must Advertise to grow and survive.
Nowadays, it's all about Internet Advertising. And, it keeps growing and growing.

If you can visit local businesses and offer our Free Internet Advertising, this will lead to over a $200,000/year income.
And, you can build your own Team of Advertising Reps, with our help.

We are looking for a few individuals who want to obtain their own part time or full time Advertising Business. We offer you an opportunity to own and manage a large Advertising Sales Organization.

This is How You Can Earn Over $200,000/Year

CityNation Publishing - the Next Generation of Online Advertising.
Goes way beyond those old fashioned advertising companies.

Home Based Advertising Business Opportunities provided by CityNation Publishing

Positions are available all over the USA.  You work from home and visit Local Businesses in your area.
Or, you work AT home as a Recruiter. Work any hours you want. You receive training and continuing support services.

Home-Based Business
Become an Independent Local Outside Sales Representative or Sales Manager.

You work from home, your own desired “any-time” hours.
You can start at Entry Level and progress to Regional Director and earn over $200,000 per year.
Or, you can join as an Experienced Professional and already on your way to earn over $200,000 per year.

You can keep your day job - and start this business in your spare time. Watch this business grow - than quit your day job.
Work Any-Time and according to your own schedule.
Plus, you can also build a Sales Team in your spare time - and earn a great deal more money

Or, become a Recruiter or Sales Team Manager.
CityNation Advertising provides the best and lowest priced advertising to local businesses.
First, you provide Free Advertising for their business.
Than, you offer 5 Custom Designed Full Page Advertisements for the price of ONE - plus, more Free Advertising.

Select ONE or all of these Home-Businesses (work part-time, full-time, or any-time)
--- Sales Rep - Visit local businesses, offer our Customized Business Advertising and Social Your Media.
--- Recruiter - Use your Social Media skills and Recruit Sales Reps from all over the country, for your Sales Team.
--- Sales Team Manager - Build, supervise, and motivate a Sales Team.

Custom Online Full-Page Premium Advertising
For Local Businesses

Local Businesses Receive the Following:

1) Online Premium Full-Page Advertising in 2 publications, includes our Editing Service and Super SEO.

2) Business Articles are Published.

3) Our Local Representative will visit your business and give you personal help for your custom advertising..

4) Social Media Promotion of your Business. Promote your business using the most popular methods.

5) Extra Advertisements for your business. Receive 5 Full Pages of Advertising for the price of ONE.

6) Business Consulting Services. Receive special business advise from our World Class Business Consultants.

Get Started - Right Now.

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