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CityNation Publishing is the only company in America that provides this powerful Training Program. And, it's FREE.
   ● Receive Executive Management Training in a real job - and in a real business.
   ● The students actually manage and operate a local business.
   ● Students select from over 40 different job categories.
   ● Start as Apprentice or Manager. Progress to Director or Vice-President.
   ● Students work their own part time hours while going to college.
   ● This Training Program is ideal for college students and non-college individuals..
This is the BEST Management Training Program in America - and it's Totally Free.
There is no other training program which includes this depth of management training and On-The-Job experience.

This Executive Management Training Program is administered by the following organizations:
(Select either of the following)


Student Business Organizations
(For 2-year and 4-year college Students)

Colleges and Universities

(Partner With CityNation Today)

The Student Business Organization administers the Executive Management Training Program and supervises the students. CityNation helps set up the program and trains the students.

The students manage and run the business. Students can select from over 40 different job categories for their training.

When a student graduates, their job is passed on to the next incoming student. Our advance placement program helps companies pre-hire students so students will already have a job when they graduate.

There is no cost to Student Business Organizations and to students.

Click Here to learn more and get started as a Local Partner.

Local Providers
(For Non-college Individuals and Inner-city Youth)

Non-Profits, Religious Organizations, Churches

(Partner With CityNation Today)

If your organization would like to help individuals obtain a good job - we would like to talk to you. Our Career Development Program provides training in over 40 career jobs, totally FREE.

There is no other company in America that provides the depth of job training like we do, FREE. Students are trained in a real job at a real business that they manage and operate. They start as Apprentice or Manager and can progress to Director and Vice-President.

Providers enroll and supervise the students. We provide the training to the students. There is no cost to the Providers and to the students.

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CityNation provides free Management Training and Job Experience in the job categories listed below.
(Students are enrolled as Apprentice or Manager - and can progress to  Director and Vice-President.)

Executive Management Job Training

For College Students, Non-College Individuals, and Inner-City Youth
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