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This Franchise is ideal for:

 ● Sales Professionals

 ● Advertising Professionals

 ● Retired, Extra Income

 ● Entrepreneurs

 ● Absentee Owners

 ● Investors          FunFacts News Franchise Information

What Makes
This Franchise So Good?

You select biz size & income level.

Work max. 3 weeks per month.

Obtain up to 5 Territories.

Option: Full time or part time

Option, absentee owner setup.

Option, investor managed setup

Individualized Training.

You do not spend your own money to run this business.

Low overhead, work from home.

Includes advertising website for additional income.

Management Career Training program

Quick Summary of this Franchise
FunFacts News Advertising and Publishing Business

You can own an exclusive local advertising and publishing business in your area. We produce the publication and you manage all the local advertising. This makes it easy for you to operate the business. Provides high profit and can be arranged for different types of full or part time operation.

Includes 3 income sources. This Franchise can be tailored to your management style. The Franchise is our newest Version 4 of the FunFacts News advertising and publishing business. We started over 25 years ago.

What makes this Franchise business so much better than others?

  1. This Franchise can be set up for most any management style: Full time, part time, fast growth, absentee owner, individually operated, hired sales staff, family operated, or strictly a business investment.
  2. No other company can provide the full extent of free promotional advertising which you can offer to advertisers.
  3. Your advertising rates will be among the lowest in any region.
  4. You receive unlimited personalized professional business advice for every aspect of operating your business. You learn exactly what to do and what not to do - and what makes your business successful.
  5. You can operate the business at your own pace.   FunFacts News Franchise Information


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