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The Democrats are Using the K4X Virus to Take Down Donald Trump
Part 4 of 4

How The Democrats Infected Their Own People with the K4X Virus
The K4X Virus can be made airborne or used as a liquid. It was first used on key Democrats.

The first thing they did was to organize a private gathering of all the top Democrats. They all attended this important gathering. At the gathering, Nancy Pelosi made sure that they had the right coffee, soda pop, and Oreo cookies. They all were laced with the K4X Virus. And, all the attendees had eaten them.

Pelosi and Schumer organized a follow-on meeting for the next day, beginning exactly 24 hours later. All the top Democrat’s attended. And, they all listened how bad Trump was and how they should hate Donald Trump.

At the end of the meeting, they were all in agreement. Donald Trump had to be destroyed because they hate him so much. The rest is history.

Pelosi and Schumer organized many such gatherings – for their Democrat friends and Mass Media friends. And of course, they provided the right Oreo cookies, coffee, and soda pop - with the K4X Virus..

That was the beginning of the “Hate Trump” movement. All the infected Democrats, friends, and Mass Media executives and reporters still continue to uncontrollably hate Trump.

Pelosi and Schumer no longer organize the gatherings. This is now being done by others in the Democratic Political Machine and the Mass Media companies.

In private, lately the Democrats are beginning to ask their friends, “Do you want some Oreo cookies?” Their answer is always, “No. I am still good.” This is becoming the password of their Secret Club.

There is only one way to tell if a person is infected by the K4X Virus. If they only talk bad about Trump. They never say anything good about Trump. They are noticeably illogical when saying bad things about Trump. And, if they seem to never say anything good about Trump. The chances are that they have the K4X Virus.

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