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Right now, you can start growing your business every week, every month, and every year for as long as you want, entirely FREE.

This is an introductory offer for the Basic Version, which we are now giving away FREE, of the most amazing and powerful One-Year Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional Program for local Small Retail Businesses.

For even our Basic Version, which you can now get FREE, no other company has ever offered anything close to this amazing Marketing System.

Our BUZZ Marketing System provides a ”Package” of promotional methods that will bring you more customers - and will keep growing your business, for as long as you want.

And, the FREE Sales Representatives that you get, will keep bringing in more customers – and make your business very popular throughout your entire region.

Plus, your special Promotional Website, with it’s Coupon System, your full-page continuous Advertisements, and more – will drastically increase your popularity throughout your entire region.

In addition, to introduce you to your community, your Sales Representatives will visit the local businesses and offer them a FREE Advertisement, when they purchase any item from your store.

Not to mention, the Press Release we publish for you – and your Sales Representatives giving presentations about your business, to the local Rotary Club and Chambers of Commerce.

There Has Never Been
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That Helps the Small Businesses Grow
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You can now start growing your small business to be as Big and Popular as you want, by starting the FREE Version of our powerful CityNation BUZZ Marketing System.

Everything you need, is included to start your journey of Growing Your Business.

Here is an interesting story of how we developed this unique Marketing System.

When I was a young boy, I had a job as a “Paper Boy” and delivered newspapers to the homes of the richest people in the city. I had the best “Paper Route” in the entire city.

About twice a year, a Team of Salesmen would travel all over my Paper Route and solicit new customers. It worked like a charm. My Paper Route grew every time they came in and did their magic. I never forgot that.

Other companies would charge you over $80,000 per year
for what we are giving you FREE

Fast forward to today.

Our CityNation BUZZ Marketing System does the same thing as that Team of Salesmen did. Except, we now completely modernized the Marketing System.

However, in the process of modernizing, we had to develop a new concept of marketing, in order to meet our goal of the lowest price, and a FREE Version, for the local Small Retail Businesses.

The FREE Version is actually our Basic Version that provides a One-Year Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional program for your business.

 And, includes everything that you will need to obtain more customers and grow your business.

If you are wondering, “Where is the gimmick?” There is no gimmick. This is the read Deal.

 For over 30 year we have been developing different ways to advertising, publishing, marketing, and promoting, for just about every type of business.

We are a very innovating company.

This is our answer to
stopping the continual decline of the small retail businesses in America

We developed the only real help, which is desperately needed by the small retail business, that will stop their decline, and also grow their business.

We provide a “Package” of the advertising, marketing, and promotions that will do the job of growing your business – and at the lowest imaginable price, and even FREE, if you get the FREE Version.

The FREE Version includes almost all of the features of our Premium Version, except smaller in quantity. Thus, it just takes you longer to grow your business.

But, that’s OK. You can upgrade any time you want, and speed up the growth with more FREE Sales Representatives, and other things.

When you join CityNation, you will find that we have a program whereby you can get everything entirely FREE, with our Premium Version.

So, this is the procedure: Start with the FREE Version, learn how everything works, Become a Dealer and earn extra money, you upgrade to the Premium Version, and you continue getting everything FREE.

Take that, Mr. Big-Box stores and Amazon. We are coming at you. This is just the first phase.

For Starters, the FREE Version includes two (2) FREE Sales Representatives and one FREE Local Sales Team. CityNation trains your FREE Sales Representatives to promote your business and sell your products.

You also receive a Promotional Website, continuous full-page advertising, an online Coupons Program, Articles published, pictures published, and much more. Not to mention the On-Call Professional Consulting Help that you can receive, any time you want.

And, just $240 per month can get you 4 Sales Representatives, in the Premium Version.

And for, $380 per month, you can get unlimited Sales Representatives, in the Super Version.

Plus, we have a Special Program whereby you can get everything, entirely FREE. I will tell you all about that, later.

So for now, let’s get you started - to grow your business as large and as popular as you want.

Please click on the Red Button below and fill out the Contact Form.

I will than phone you and introduce you to the world of our CityNation Marketing Systems.

And, we’ll talk about how our CityNation BUZZ Marketing System will bring you more customers and grow your business.

Let's get started.


Roy Johnson

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