Job Training and Local Business Opportunity
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This Provides Job Training for a Local FunFacts News
(The FREE Local Business Opportunity)

When you complete the training, you can automatically become a local Dealer for a FunFacts News publication in your area, FREE.

CityNation Publishing Company will refund your full purchase price upon your completion of the Job Training Program.

The Reason: It is our policy to furnish this local FunFacts News advertising business opportunity, totally FREE.
(You also do not spend your own money to operate this advertising business.)

This is only available in the U.S.

75% Commission.
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You receive the following 3-Phase Job Training Program
So You Can Become a
Licensed Owner of a FunFacts News Local Publication, FREE

About the Job Training Program.
This training program provides all the essential knowledge and practical experience needed to start and to operate a local FunFacts News advertising and publishing business, which is furnished to you FREE when you complete the Job Training Program. No prior special education or experience is needed. Some experience in advertising or sales is helpful.

Everything is included.
Everything you need to know about managing your FunFacts News Advertising Business is covered in this Job Training Program. You will be trained by a national expert in managing a local advertising business operation.

You can start this Job Training Program NOW.
When you sign up for this training,
(1) You can start your training immediately when you download the initial Phase I Job Training Program.
(2) You also are signed up to receive the Local FunFacts News Advertising Business Opportunity, which is provided to you FREE.

Start Your Future Career, NOW
You Can Own a
Local Advertising Business, FREE

Here is what you receive for only $79:

Job Training Part 1 - Online Career Training.

Remote Online Job Training Program - In Phase I of this training program, every aspect of operating the business is covered in detail via tele-conference, emails, and online training modules. This training starts when you download the initial Job Training Program immediately after your purchase (see below to Order). Next, our representative contacts you to prepare your training schedule and help you get started. Next, a senior member of our staff will phone you and start your training via tele-conference.

Job Training Part 2 - Your Local Market Survey.
This is our unique part of the Job Training Program. This provides practical training for your local Territory. You prepare a Market Survey of the businesses in your local Territory, under the guidance of our Instructor. This teaches you about the local businesses in your Territory. You learn who they are, the best businesses to contact, and you learn the most efficient method and sequence for contacting these businesses. When you are finished, you use the results of your Market Survey to begin your Phase III Training.

Job Training Part 3 - On-The-Job Training (OJT).

This Phase II Training provides practical experience in advertising sales, marketing, and managing your local FunFacts News advertising business. The OJT Training is conducted in your local Territory that you had selected and takes about 3 weeks to complete.

This provides practical experience in advertising sales, marketing, and managing your local FunFacts News advertising business. The OJT Training is conducted in your local Territory and takes about 3 weeks to complete. You visit local businesses and talk to the owners or managers. At the end of this Phase III Training, you receive the exclusive license and Territory for your local FunFacts News advertising business. CityNation Publishing than begins to furnish all the material and help you need to start your local FunFacts News Local Advertising Business, FREE.

------- About The FREE Local Advertising Business -------


When You Complete This Job Training Program, You Can Own a Local Advertising Business, FREE


About the FREE
FunFacts News Advertising Business Opportunity

This Advertising Business Opportunity is furnished FREE when you complete the Job Training Program.

This career is ideal for recent graduates, downsized managers, advertising professionals, over 50 and need extra income, and the entrepreneurial minded person.


Here is what you receive FREE:

Local FunFacts News Advertising Business Opportunity

You receive exclusive license and local territory for the FunFacts News publication. This means that you will own the legal rights to manage and operate the business in your exclusive territory. This provides the same type of ownership as a regular franchise business, except you get the business free and you do not pay any royalty fees. The advertisers pay you since you would own the business. You manage the local advertising, and CityNation produces the publications.

Custom Designed eCommerce Advertising Website

In conjunction with the local advertising business we furnish, we also receive a custom website that helps you earn additional money. We design, install on the Internet, and maintain the website.

Receive Startup Marketing Support Services

For your startup, we provide extra marketing services for you, FREE. This includes free marketing items which we furnish and which you can give to prospective advertisers as a promotion.

Unlimited Business and Marketing Consulting Service

Like all new businesses, you need a consulting professional to help and advise you on just about every aspect of your business. That's what we furnish to you. We have been there, done that - for every aspect of this business. This includes every possible thing you could ever imagine. We are glad to pass on to you all of our knowledge.


CityNation has set up this business so it is much better than an ordinary franchise business opportunity. For example, we operate like a partner - who helps you with every aspect of your local advertising business.



Our Consulting Expert will guide you through every phase of
managing your local FunFacts News Advertising Business
and is available whenever needed.


About CityNation Publishing

CityNation is the only known company in America that offers a FREE major franchise-type Local Advertising Business Opportunity. Our first local publication was created over 25 years ago. That's when we were printing publications for other companies and decided to start a local publication for ourselves.

We now produce both the FunFacts News and the Old Time News publications as a local advertising business opportunity, which is furnished FREE to individuals in the U.S. who have completed our Job Training Program.


Buy This Job Training Program - NOW
And Become Owner and President of a
Local FunFacts News Advertising Business in your area.
Only $79

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Please Do Not Buy This Product If You Do Not Want To Own A
Local FunFacts News Publication


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