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JobsNOW Recruiter
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JobsNOW Recruiters Wanted. Earn $1,000/week
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This job is available as a permanent part-time position.

Your job as a home based Recruiter is to:

1) Recruit individuals who want a career management job as a Dealer for one of our local publications. CityNation is expanding and has over 1,000 positions available throughout the U.S.

2) Sign up new JobsNOW Recruiters. You get paid a commission every time they sign up a new Dealer for CityNation. Our special marketing program enables you to obtain over 100 Recruiters  - and you make EXTRA money every time they sign up a new Dealer..

We furnish the marketing material you use. You can market locally, via the Internet, and anywhere in the U.S.  Some of the marketing methods you can use are: Facebook, Twitter, flyers, craigslist, business cards, emails, and brochures. Example: Our instructions include 55 ways to market on Facebook.

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  • Coupon for FREE Work at Home Job. Earn over $1,000/week.No start-up cost

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If you have a large social media following on the Internet, or are a member of Avon, Amway, or similar organization - you already have a head start to now make more money as a Recruiter

Millions of people in America are still searching for a good Job.

This is a great time to become a JobsNOW Recruiter. There are over 10 Millions Americans who are still searching for a good Job. You will be recruiting individuals who are unemployed, downsized, recently graduated, over 50 and looking for a full or part time job, advertising professionals, and entrepreneurial minded individuals.

FREE Coupon for Work at Home Job. Earn over $1,000/week.CityNation JobsNOW Recruiter Benefits

We offer you a great opportunity to be your own boss. With our help and on-going support, you will have every opportunity to earn significant EXTRA money.

This job is available to you permanently. As you continue to obtain more Recruiters, which provide you extra commissions, your income will continue to grow.

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Work at home as our Independent JobsNOW Recruiter.Earn over $1000/week. Work in your spare time. Have over 100 Recruiters making you money.
FREE Coupon for Work at Home Job. Earn $1,000/Week.
FREE Coupon provides legitimate work at home job as Recruiter to help CityNation hire more Dealers for their local publications. Everything furnished FREE to you.

Become a JobsNOW
Home Based Recruiter

JobsNOW Home Based Recruiters Wanted
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As a JobsNOW Recruiter, you offer the following career opportunity.
FunFacts News FREE Local Advertising Business Opportunity. Earn over $1,000/week.

FREE Home-Based Business Opportunity
(Available USA only)

CityNation Publishing provides FREE franchise-type local advertising business opportunities in local areas throughout the U.S.

You Can Get This Business
for Only a Deposit of $79.

You become a local Dealer and you manage and own the local advertising business, FREE.

The advertisers pay you, the local Dealer.

CityNation produces and prints the publication and the Dealer manages the local advertising.
Click Here To get This Business TODAY.

      About CityNation Publishing

Our first local publication was produced over 25 years ago. We now offer FREE Local Advertising Business Opportunities and FREE Career Training for our local FunFacts News local publication in your area.

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Work at home in your spare time as our Independent JobsNOW Recruiter. Earn over $1,000/week. Have over 100 Recruiters making you money.

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