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The FunFacts News brings MORE CUSTOMERS to your business and is distributed to places where people want to read your advertisement, such as restaurants, motels, doctor's offices. This is the place to advertise and reach thousands of people.

Advertising in the FunFacts News is affordable

Order FunFacts News advertising for 3 or more months. Let our experienced staff design an advertisement for your business. Our prices are surprisingly low.

Find out more. Contact our FunFacts News Local Publisher. We’ll provide you with the information you need and show you how the FunFacts News can help promote your business or organization with our unique method of advertising.

Custom Designed for you

     Includes Advertising Page

     Brochure Home Page

     Monthly Updates

     Published on Internet

     Promoted for 12 months


It's a Real Website
This is the most economical website for any business and also includes advertising and promotional services for 12 months. We provide complete website design, Internet setup, and installation on the Internet for your website.


And, we provide extra marketing of your website which is installed in your own section on our exclusive Web Advertising Network. This provides you with a fully operating website along with special advertising and marketing services not furnished by other website design companies.


Order your FunFacts News plus "Mini-Web" Package Today

How To Order

Order a FunFacts News plus "Mini-Web" Package
To advertise in the FunFacts News and obtain the "Mini-Web" Package, contact the Local FunFacts News Publisher in your area. Or contact CityNation Publishing for details.
Our advertising rates provide the best bargain in town, much lower then newspapers, radio, TV, and other local advertising media.

Our "FunFacts News plus Website" advertising Packages provide a huge savings and promotes your business all over town and on the Internet for 12 months. A great bargain.

FunFacts News Order Each ProductOrder any product separately
You can separately order our Website Design service, online advertising, and FunFacts News advertising. Here's how:
Step #1. Click Here for descriptions and to place your order (pay later).
Step #2. Our designer will contact you, help you place your order, and provide payment instructions.

You pay only after our design specialist has contacted you and explained our services to your satisfaction. We start your design upon receipt of payment.

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