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      Coupon Marketing System

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And, you get the following:

● The complete One-Year Premium Advertising and Marketing Program Includes FREE Sales Teams and FREE Sales Representatives.

● Dealer for the Premium Advertising and Marketing Program (Provides a Second Income).

The Sales Representatives work for you, promote your Auto Repair Shop to the local and regional businesses and their employees, and offers marketing programs that bring you new customers.

Your Residual Income as a Dealer

You can receive a monthly Residual Income that can pay you more money than the monthly Subscription Fee that you pay for the 12-Monts Advertising and Marketing Program. Thus, you would get everything entirely FREE.

Your Sales Representatives

Typically, your Sales Representatives visit local businesses and regional businesses that are located farther out from your local area. They talk to the owner or manager of the businesses, about your Coupons. And, also talk about the CityNation Advertising and Marketing Program.

Plus, your Sales Representatives talk about your FREE Contests their business can join and the FREE Advertising that you offer to their business.

Periodically, your Sales Representatives again visits the businesses, to offer the latest coupons and newest contests, for everyone at their business.

This continually attracts new customers to come to your business.

Your Residual Income

You receive a Residual Income  for each business that your Sales Representatives visits, and they sign up for the CityNation Advertising and Marketing Program. 

This Residual Income can offset your monthly fee that you pay to CityNation. And, you could have extra money left over to lease a new car every year, at no cost to you. .

And, your Coupons, Contests, and FREE Advertising that your Sales Representatives offer to all the businesses in your entire Region, will definitely continue to bring more new customers to your business. 

The best part is, you will be getting all of this FREE, because of the monthly Residual Income that you receive as a Dealer will pay for everything.

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