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CityNation BUZZ Marketing System

All of the Marketing Business Opportunities are furnished to you Totally Free.

CityNation-Advertising provides the basic Marketing Business Platform for you to sell our Advertising to Local Businesses, build a Nation-Wide Marketing Team, and use a variety of our Marketing Programs to expand your Marketing Business.

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You can also sell your own Products as part of this Marketing System.

--- There is no cost for you to obtain, operate, and expand your Marketing Business.
--- You work your own desires hours and days.
--- You can stop and start at any time.

These Marketing Businesses are “World Class” and are considered as more superior and can be more profitable than any other Marketing Business Opportunities.

Each Marketing Business is a Complete Business. You receive the  Training, Marketing Tools, and Support Services. And, our CityNation BUZZ Marketing System helps you build a Nation-Wide Marketing Team that provides additional substantial income for you. In addition, your Marketing Team can also sell your Products.

The CityNation BUZZ Marketing System consists of the following:

A. Basic Marketing Business Opportunity

This is an online Platform for Marketing and Selling Advertising, consisting of our online Premium Yellow Page Advertising and our online CityNation Business News.

a) You receive Basic Training, Basic Marketing Tools, and ongoing Support Services.

b) You can start as either an Independent Marketing and Sales Representative or as the owner of a Marketing & Advertising Business Opportunity.

c) You also receive the capability to start and build a Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team,

d) You can sell CityNation online Advertising Services to Local Businesses in your area and/or build a large Nation-Wide Marketing and Sales Team. You can also sell your own Products and Services.

B. Option Add-On Marketing Programs

When you first join, select an Add-On Marketing Program to use with your Basic Marketing Business Platform – and to build your Nation-Wide Marketing Team.

Later, after you have acquired sufficient knowledge and experience, select more Option Add-On Marketing Tools, one at a time.

1) Video, marketing and advertising

2) Facebook – Groups, marketing and advertising

3) Pinterest, marketing and advertising.

4) Blog, Complete Business Opportunity

5) eBook, Complete Business Opportunity

6) College Job-Boards, job posting

7) Flyers, hand out

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Totally FREE Home-Business for you
 ● Keep your existing Job while you build your Home Business
 ● Work any time AT Home
 ● Or, work any time FROM Home
 ● Make Hugh Income using our FREE Marketing Programs
 ● Use your computer to build a huge Marketing Team
 ● We furnish everything Free

 ● FREE Home-Business
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FREE - Receive this Complete Home-Business
FREE - Shows how to run your Home-Business
FREE - We Help You Get Started
FREE - We furnish the Support Services

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