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National Marketing & Sales
Business Opportunity  Totally Free

You can be the BOSS
National Marketing & Sales Business opportunity
Totally Free

You sell our online Advertising and your own Social Media Services to local businesses in your area.

This is your chance to start your own Local and National Marketing & Sales Business, Totally Free.

Or, join as an Independent National Marketing & Sales Manager and later transition to your own business.

 We help you get started and provide Training, Marketing Material, and ongoing Support Services.

 No cost to you.

 Practically no cost to operate the business.

 Use our powerful BUZZ Marketing System to quickly obtain customers.

 You can give Free Premium Online Advertising to every business.

 Sell our Advertising Services.

 Sell your Products and Services.

 Build a large Local and National Marketing & Sales Team.

 Home-Based, your own desired hours.

Part-Time earn $50K - $100K / year.
Full-Time, earn $100K - $200K /year

You Earn Money 6 Ways

--- From Advertising sales that you sell to Local Businesses.
--- From Advertising sales that your Marketing Team sells.
--- From Advertising Updates and renewals.
--- From your Products that you sell.
--- From your Products that your Marketing Team sells.
--- From CityNation Profit Sharing..

--- On average, you earn $50,000/year from just 10 Team Members.

--- You decide how much money you want to earn and build your Marketing Team to that size.

Why Join

What You Want

What You Can Receive
You Want Steady Good Income

You can earn average of $50,000 or more per year from just 10 active Team Members. You can recruit as many Team Members as you want.

Want to keep your current job while building a National Sales Team in your spare time

You can use your computer and build a large Nation-Wide Marketing Team with over 40 Members.. Work evenings and weekends in your spare time.

Want to own a High Income Business

You can build a large Nation-Wide Marketing Team with over 40 Members..

Want to Pay-Off Student Loans

Work a few hours a week. in evenings. Build a small Marketing Team with other students as Team Members (they also earn money)..

Want Retirement Money

Just 5 -10 Active Team Members are needed. After building your Marketing Team, only a few hours a month are required.

Want to Buy a House

Build a Marketing Team with 20-30 active members. After you build your Marketing Team, this would be just a part-time job.

Want a Professional Career

Determine income you want. Build a Marketing Team to the size and income you want. And, join our Executive Training Program.

Want Extra Income

10 Active Team Members will provide good extra Income. After building your Marketing Team, only a few hours a month are required.


*Active Team Members sell our Advertising Services to local businesses in their area.



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