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BUSINESS ADVERTISING Life-Style Advantages How Jamie
Got Started

How Jamie Got Started
Become Our Local Marketing Rep
Build a Very Large National Marketing Team

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Story of Jamie
and how she became a
Successful Marketing Rep for CityNation-Advertising

This is a typical story of how almost anyone can start a successful part time National Marketing Career.

Jamie had some marketing and sales experience, but not very much. She graduated from high school about 5 years ago. And, she has been married now for 3 years. They have 2 small children. Her husband is a low wage worker at the nearby Vons grocery store. Neither of them went to college.

It all started when their 5 year old daughter one day asked her mother, Jamie, "Are we poor?" That night Jamie sat down with her husband, Roger, and told him,"We can't continue living like this anymore. We have to start making more money."

Jamie told her husband that she would get a part time job. But, she needed her own very flexible hours and she had no real skills to speak of. She looked on Indeed.com and searched of a job that would solve her problem.

By luck, Jamie happened to see the CityNation advertisement. Except, it sounded too good to be true. She thought, "How could anybody make that much money working just part time from home. Especially me!"

Nevertheless, Jamie applied for the job as a Local Marketing Representative for CityNation-Advertising. The rest is history. This is Jamie's story of how she, all by herself, pulled her family out of near poverty, working just part time, her own desired hours, from home.

Jamie replied to CityNation's job posting on Indeed.com and received an email reply from Roy Johnson. The reply provided more information about the job and asked Jamie to fill out the online application. Jamie filled out the application and asked for the Free Version of the Home Based Marketing Business.

Next, CityNation sent her more information and asked her to sign the Representative Agreement so she could get started. Basically, the Agreement states that Jamie is an independent contractor, how much commissions she gets paid, what her job is, and what CityNation provides.

Jamie's job was divided into 2 parts. Visiting local businesses to offer them Advertising and Social Media services - and building her National Marketing Team. The first thing that Jamie needed was the training because she had no experience. Jamie read all the information and studied all of the training videos that CityNation provided.

She also received training via tel-conference from Roy Johnson. In addition, Jamie got on the Internet and learned more about the basics of advertising and how social media works, so she could become a very knowledgeable Marketing Representative.

In a short while, Jamie was ready to visit local businesses and offer Premium Yellow Page Advertising to any type of local business. She had already studied CityNation's website and the various Premium Yellow Page advertisements.

Thus, she could explain and answer questions from the customers. Plus, Jamie already studied the various Business Articles on the CityNation website. So, she could also explain that kind of Business Articles advertising to the customers.

The most important thing that helped Jamie get started, was the Free Full-Page Advertising which Jamie can give to every business she contacts or meets. Jamie quickly recognized that primarily customers buy the advertising service after they get to know you and see that you can really help their business.

The Free Advertising Giveaway does all that for Jamie. This enables Jamie to sit down with the customers, at their business, and explain how the advertising in CityNation's online publications will help their business.

Jamie developed the following simple method of meeting new customers and obtaining Orders for Advertising and Social Media services. First, she would phone the businesses and offer Free Full-Page Advertising, just to introduce their business to CityNation's Advertising Services. Jamie would make appointments via telephone to visit the business.

Usually, Jamie would spend one day a week making appointments to meet new customers at their business later in the week.

After Jamie met with the businesses and while she was in the area, Jamie would also visit other nearby businesses and talk to the manager or owner to offer them a Free Full Page Advertisement from CityNation-Advertising.

Jamie would use our special method of offering the Free Advertising. This produces a very high rate of success.

At first, Jamie couldn't figure out how to organize her Social Media Services so she could offer them to the customers. Roy Johnson at CityNation helped her organize this for her so she could get started. Now, she includes her Social Media promotions in her presentation during the Free Advertising discussions.

As for Jamie building her National Marketing Team, it was simple. When Jamie joined CityNation, she already had about 50 regular contacts in her personal Social Media database. That's where it all started. Jamie sent an email to all her Social Media contacts and told them about what she was doing.

And, she asked if they were interested in doing the same thing. Jamie mentioned that she would help them join and to get started. Further, Jamie told them that they could work their own hours, just like she does.

The result was amazing. One of her friends was already looking for a new job, so he joined her National Marketing Team full time. Two other individuals just graduated and were looking for a job. They both joined Jamie's Marketing Team.

Three housewife's wanted to make extra money for their family and to pay off bills. So they joined. And, one retired man joined Jamie's National Marketing Team because he needed to make more money since he does not receive enough retirement income.

Jamie met with all of these folks (or talked to them on the phone) and showed them how they can offer Advertising and Social Media services to local business and how they could build their own National Marketing Team. That was the start of Jamie's huge National Marketing Business success.

The last part of Jamie's story is her husband, Roger, and her 2 children, Jason and Maria. While Jamie was getting started and learning the advertising business, in the evenings she and Roger would sit and talk about how to build her Marketing Business. Roger became more and more interested.

Soon, he began to mention this business to some of the part time workers at the grocery store where he worked. A few of those individuals joined Jamie's National Marketing Team.

The big move came when Roger was assigned to work the late shift at the grocery store. Right away, Roger went with his wife on some days. Jamie would phone and make appointments to visit new customers. And, Roger would visit the businesses and start their Free Advertising service.

From that, he too began to obtain new Orders for Advertising. Soon, they were earning enough money so Roger could quit his day job and work full time on their Home Based National Marketing Business.

Jamie still works part time, her own hours. Mostly, she does the appointment setting on the phone. Roger does most of the visiting to businesses. And, they both work on building their National Marketing Team and supervising and motivating all the Team Members.

And, Jason and Maria, their 2 children, sometimes now visit the local businesses with their father and mother. Jamie and Roger have recently bought a new house. And now, their 2 kids really like playing in their backyard which has a swing and playhouse.

One day, Maria said to her mother, "Do you remember when we used to be poor!" Jamie look at her daughter - and just smiled.

So, where does Jamie and Roger get all their income? Their income comes from 4 places. From the Orders for Advertising and Social Media services purchased by local businesses.

From the Orders obtained by the individuals they recruited for their National Marketing Team. And, from the Marketing Team Income Sharing Program provided by CityNation-Advertising.

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