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Outside Sales Representative
SELL YOUR OWN Social Media Services
Sell Our Advertising Services

You sell your own Social Media Services and our Advertising Services to local businesses.

--- Part time, you can earn $50,000 to over $100,000/year.
--- Full time you can earn $100,000 -  $200,000/year.

If you can give away our Totally FREE, full-page customized Online Advertising Service to the local businesses that you visit - and engage in a conversation about promoting their business - you will definitely be successful.

This is a wonderful opportunity that puts you on the leading edge of an advanced method of Direct Sales. Where you can also build and manage a large National Marketing & Sales Team. You can work full time or part time, your own desired days and hours.

This is where you can make new friends as you give away Online Premium Display Advertising, Totally Free to every business that you visit. You will also be part of our Product Development Team that develops new methods of selling and customer service.

You receive 5 sources of income which can bring you way beyond the $200,000 per year income, if you want.


Pass out Coupons for Free Premium Full-Page Online Advertising to every local business that you visit.

Obtain Leads, Appointments, and Sales of our Advertising Services and your Social Media Services.

Passing out the Free Coupons quickly builds your territory, creates many scheduled appointments, and builds your reputation. You learn about our powerful marketing system quickly, and you can start closing sales in your first or second week.

You will be able to quickly close sales by using the Super Discounts and Free Advertising which you can instantly create and offer to the customers.

Your Social Media Services

We help you create and sell your own Social Media Services.

You can sell your own Social Media Services to the local businesses. And, can also sell your Social Media Services nationally through your National Marketing & Sales Team. You determine the prices. We help you get started and put your “SM Packages” together - ready for sales. Plus, we provide the training, marketing, and sales tools that you can use.

CityNation Advertising Services.

You sell our Online Premium Yellow Page Advertising and our Business News Advertising to local businesses locally – and through your National Marketing & Sales Team. We provide the training, marketing, sales tools, and support services that you will use.

Product Development Team

You can also be a Member of our Special Product Development Team which creates new methods, procedures and tools that will improve our products, increase sales, and give better customer support.

You also collaborate and work with other Reps to learn and improve your sales and customer support.

This will result in you continually increasing your your income.

Although you work independently, you are not alone. You will be a Member of this Product Development Team which meets weekly via the Internet.

National Marketing & Sales Team Manager

We help you build a National Marketing & Sales Team, which provides an additional source of income for you.

You can have over 40 Sales Reps on your Sales Team, which can provide you with a substantial steady additional income.

Use your Social Media connections and our Marketing Programs for recruiting new Team Members.

New candidates apply at your website, which we furnish and maintain for you.

You recruit new Sales Representatives from all over the country.

We pay the Members of your Sales Team and provide their Training and Support Services.

There is no cost to you. We provide everything Totally Free.


Must have experience in direct sales.

Be able to sell our Advertising and/or your Social Media Services to local businesses.

Be able to build and Manage a National Marketing & Sales Team.

Have Social Media experience and many Followers.

Be hard working and want to learn.

Be ambitious and always strive for success

Personable and engaging

Comfortable cold-calling and talking to managers and business owners


1 – From our Advertising Services that you sell to local businesses.
Working part-time, just 4 Orders per month will earn you $28.800/year.

2 – From your own Social Media Services which you can also sell to these businesses.
Working part time, just 2 Orders/month of Social Media Services, could earn you $20,000/year.

3 – From your Sales Team sales of our Advertising Services.
Just 10 of your part-time Team Members, each selling only 2 Advertising Order/month will earn you $48,000/year.

4 – From your Sales Team sales of your Social Media Services.
Just 5 of your part-time Team Members, each selling only 1 Social Media Order/month could earn you over $50,000/year.

5 – From our Profit-Sharing Program.
From the revenue pool of just the above 10 part-tine Team’s Sales Reps, Profit Sharing will be $24,000/year.

Total potential income: $170,000/year.


--- You sell our Advertising Services to local businesses.

--- You can sell your own Social Media Services, locally and nationally, at your own prices.

--- You build a National Marketing & Sales Team that provides substantial additional income.

--- You can become a Member of our Advanced Product Development Team which helps you increase your sales.

--- You receive income from our Profit-Sharing Program

--- You could Semi-Retire after you build up your Sales Team and part-time just manage your Sales Team.

--- You could move to any city you want, and still receive the income from your Sales Team.

--- You receive an exceptional Profit-Sharing Program that can pay for your:
------ Health Care insurance.
------ Vacations, any time you want.

CityNation-Buzz Marketing System Company has been in the publishing and advertising business for over 30 years.


Straight Commission and Profit Sharing

Full-time or part-time, your own desired days and hours.

Independent Contractor.

Work remotely from your home or office

How to get started

--- Just fill out the Form on this page.

--- We will contact you to explain everything and help you get started.

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