JobsNOW Recruiter
Affiliate Program

(USA only)

Earn $500 to $1,000/week
as our Affiliate



Affiliate Program
Earn $500 to $1,000/week as our Affiliate

Become a CityNation JobsNOW Recruiter Affiliate

Help provide FREE Career Training and FREE Career Jobs
for the millions of Americans who want a good career Job.

Anyone can Become Our Recruiter Affiliate, FREE
Receive a Marketing Website, FREE
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This CityNation Affiliate Program is FREE. You receive your own custom marketing website to use. Earn EXTRA money. Itís easy, fun, and very profitable.

Do you have a large following in Twitter or Facebook?

Are you a member of Avon - Herbalife - Amway - Shaklee - or other Network Marketing program? Now, you can obtain more downline members for your existing Network Marketing.

Be one of the FIRST to become a Level #1 Member of the CityNation JobsNOW Recruiter
3-Level Affiliate Marketing Program. This is a
3-Level Affiliate Program. You earn money from all 3 affiliate levels.

We furnish a FREE Website for your JobsNOW Recruiter Affiliate network marketing.
You do not need to have an existing website. We host and maintain your website, FREE.

Become a JobsNOW Recruiter Affiliate
You earn $200 or $300 per Order

Example #1: Since you are Level #1 - and you obtain Two Dealers - you will receive $600.

Example #2: Since you are Level #1 - and Two of your Level  #2 - and Four of your Level #3 Recruiters - each obtain One Dealer - you will receive a total of $1,200.

Example #3: Since you are Level #1 - and Three of your Level  #2 - and Nine of your Level #3 Recruiters - each obtain Two Dealers - you will receive a total of $4,800.

What You Do

1) You offer FREE Training and FREE Career Opportunities to individuals who are looking for a good job. They become our local Dealer of one of our publications. This provides an excellent career and FREE ownership of a local advertising business, with projected earnings of $65,000 to $85,000/year. Every time you obtain a new Dealer for one of our publications, you earn $300.

2) You recruit new members to your JobsNOW Recruiter Affiliate Team. These individuals become your Level 2 Affiliate. They recruit new members to their Affiliate Team, which become your Level 3 Affiliate. Every time your Level 2 or 3 Affiliates obtain a new Dealer for our local publications, they earn $200 and you also earn $200.

Over 15 million Americans are searching of a career opportunity. You can help them get a good job by "spreading the word" about the FREE Job Training and the FREE Local Career Opportunities that are available from CityNation Publishing. And, you can join our Affiliate Program and earn up to $300 per Order.

These career opportunities are ideal for recent graduates, downsized workers, advertising professionals, and individuals over 50 who seek a good management position.

Full time or part time career opportunities are available in most cities.

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How does it work - Affiliates
Just fill out the Form on this page. Affiliate signup is FREE. A link is provided to Click2Sell which manages our Affiliate Program.  We will phone you to help you get started, furnish the free custom website, and we send you email status reports on all your recruiting results and payments.

Your payments are provided within 7 days of the following:
Earn $300 - We start sending you $100 per month (for 3 months) when an individual you obtain joins our FREE Career Training Program and becomes a new Dealer.

Earn $200 - We send you $100 per month (for 2 months) when a Level 2 or 3 Recruiter signs up and individual who completes the FREE Career Training and becomes a new Dealer.

Join FREE. Get started today. Apply at the Form on this page.

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Affiliate Program

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About The
Career Opportunities

(Available USA only)

CityNation is the only company in America that provides a major franchise-type business opportunity.

Projected earnings: $65,000 to $85,000/year.

You Can Get This Business
for Only a Deposit of $79.

You manage the local advertising and CityNation produces the publications.

The local advertisers pay you.

A deposit of $79 is required (and is refunded upon completion of your training).

This is a lifetime career opportunity to own and manage your own local advertising and publishing business.

Click Here To Get This Business TODAY.

      About CityNation Publishing

CityNation produced our first local publication over 25 years ago. We currently furnish franchise-type local advertising business opportunities. We set you up in the advertising and publishing business in your local area. CityNation produces the publications and you manage the local advertising. The advertisers pay you. It is your local business.

We are the only known company that provides a franchise-type major advertising and publishing business opportunity.


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