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The Greatest One-Year
Advertising & Marketing Campaign
Ever Created – for any Local Business


 Get FREE Sales Teams
That will grow your business


Finally, a complete Marketing System that will Automatically Grow your local Brick & Mortar Business – and, will also help your Business directly compete against the Big Corporations.

Plus, this amazing and powerful 12-Months Advertising & Marketing Campaign is the magic answer to the Corona Virus – so you can start growing your business, right now.

The biggest part of the magic is that, you will get your own Local, Regional, and Nation-Wide Sales Teams - Totally FREE. So now, you will not have to worry about money.

How's that for a Corona-Virus answer - we give you real help that you need in these Tuff Times.

You can get as many Sales Reps as you want - for your Sales Teams. This will definitely enable you to grow as big as you want - using your FREE Sales Teams. Thanks to CityNation-Advertising

You can start growing your business, right now – with little or no cost

The heart of this amazing Marketing Campaign is our powerful online Advertising Package – and your FREE Sales Teams, which includes all the essential features that you would want.

And, That’s No Bull.

If you ever wanted to Grow Your Business
Now is the Best Time to Start

Your FREE Sales Teams will promote your Brick & Mortar Business and sell your Products Locally. Regionally, and Nation-Wide – for as long as you want.

This combination of our Advertising Services that we sell and the FREE Sales Teams - creates a unique and powerful “Marketing System” that will expand any local business – at an incredibly low cost, or no cost at all.

What Would You Do
 if we gave you 3 Sales Teams
Totally FREE
with Unlimited Sales Reps
That would grow your business to the next level and way beyond?

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Get this Totally FREE
Marketing Business Opportunity

NOW, Get This Complete Highly Profitable
Home-Based Marketing Business Opportunity,
Totally FREE
Become a Dealer for our
Advertising & Marketing Campaigns
Furnished to Local Businesses

Work Any Time, your own desired hours

You just Pass Out Flyers to local businesses
and Explain the Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

CityNation will set you up as our Dealer.

And, provide you a complete high-paying Marketing Business Opportunity, Totally FREE.

And, when you are all set up in your new Marketing Business,
what are you going to sell?

You are going to offer local businesses full-page Premium Advertisements and 3 Sales Teams with unlimited Sales Reps in each Sales Team, Totally FREE.

Plus, the Manager of the business will get a leased new car every year, Totally FREE.

So, you have to ask yourself, "What business Manager would say 'No' to this deal?."

Your job is easy. You just  pass out Flyers that offer our FREE Advertising & Marketing Campaign to the local small retail businesses in your area.

There is no selling. You just explain the Advertising & Marketing Campaigns.

We provide the Script for you to use for your Presentation.

We provide the Training, Instructions, and Marketing Material.

And, we provide continuous Support Services.

You obtain new Accounts for our Annual Advertising & Marketing Campaigns.

And, you provide simple supervision of the Sales Teams.

You offer to the Local Small Retail Businesses:
Annual Premium Full-Page Online Advertisements.
Local, Regional, and Nation-Wide Sales Teams.
Unlimited Sales Reps for each Sales Team.
   ● That will bring new customers to their business.
   ● Every Week
   ● For years and years
   ● Totally FREE.

And, within one-year, you could semi-retire with a monthly income of over $200,000 per year.

Come and join CityNation Advertising & Marketing Company as our Dealer in your area.

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