"The Trade Negotiations"
China vs. Trump

Trade Negotiations. Trump Predicts Deal with China.

Part 1a, China vs Trump

It all came to a head when Donald Trump was elected. But, he not only beat Hillary, he turned out to be just the right person to prevent, what was scheduled to happen, America’s rapid down-hill economic and military path towards becoming a second-class country, way behind China – who was scheduled to become the new World Leader.

To make matters worse for China, Trump also prevented a powerful but hidden terrorist organization form taking over the Middle East, as a puppet of Iran’s government.

Plus, Donald Trump throw a big monkey wrench into China’s plans to completely control the entire Far East, not to mention control of most African countries and a few oil countries in the Middle East.

That was China’s Plan, which was just about to happen.

Barack Obama had already depleted the military. They even ran out of bullets towards the end of the Obama era. Plus, the Obama spent Trillions of dollars on the Middle East wars, which killed thousands and thousands of soldiers and civilians, not to mention literally destroyed all the countries.

Plus of course, there is that $5 Billion dollars that went missing from the federal government during the Obama years. Nobody can find out where it went. Obama sure hid that under a deep carpet.

Trump really screwed up everything for China. They were scheduled to become the World Leader in just another 10 years, in the year 2030 to be exact.

U.S. and China Begin High-Level Trade Talks

Part 1b, Trump vs China Trade Negotiations.

During the Clinton and Barack Obama era, about 60,000 factories in America were shut down and sent to China. From those factories now in China, they were able to create many thousands of additional support-factories.

China now has over 3 Million factories - which is over 10 times more factories than are now left in America. And also as a result, America lost 4,200,000 jobs to China (some say 5 Million jobs).

For economic strength and financial power of any country, factory jobs are the Crown Jewel and the most important type of jobs. Factory jobs produce more additional support jobs than any other type of primary job.

Due to the American jobs being sent to China and Mexico, the USA was being setup to become a second-rate country - and was just beginning to start, and go down-hill rapidly when Trump was elected.

No wonder all the Democrats Deep State people are pissed off. They were going to run the American government and help China become the new World Leader in just 10 years from now.

At the same time when China was scheduled to become the World Leader, in 2030 – Iran was scheduled to end the “Obama pause” in their nuclear bomb development. And, immediately Iran would start producing nuclear bombs.

This would enable Iran to take over and fully control the Middle East, with the help of their puppet terrorist Organizations.

Meanwhile, China had put more lobbyists in Washington than any other country. And, China has the money and power to be a welcome supporter to the Democrats Deep State.

As they say in Chicago, America was being screwed, bigtime. And, there was no way out. So they thought.

It was part of a classic “setup” engineered by China, started since the senior Bush became President.

But at the 11th hour, along came Donald Trump. Just in time, Almost too late.

Part 1c, The Trade Negotiations

The toughest negotiators in the world are countries in the Middle-East and the Far-East.
And, China, Egypt and Iran are among the toughest of these negotiators.

Experts claim that these countries “Negotiate to Death.” That is, for winning the negotiations – they don’t care about disasters, death, or being destroyed. They will create any trick and any scheme to win. Especially, to win over an American.

Typically, when an American think’s that they are now starting the negotiations with one of these countries, they don’t know it yet, but the negotiations are already over – and the American lost.

The rest is just a show by the American’s opponent, to let the Americans think that they are achieving something.

These countries have been power negotiators against each other for thousands of years. The worst thing that could happen to them – is to lose to an American. To them, that’s a major, lifetime insult and embarrassment.

China has been made a fool of. And, China will never forget it. And, they will definitely do something about it – to recover and regain face.

The Chinese are master strategists when it comes to negotiating. Even before the beginning of negotiations, the Chinese line up everything that would remotely influence the outcome – so that the Chinese would be 100% certain to win. They will never start any negotiation until the “stage is already set” in their favor to win. Otherwise, they will not start the negotiations.

The recent huge Chinese problem is – they lost to Donald Trump. The Chinese were out-smarted by Trump. They never thought in a million years that Donald Trump would have the balls to pull it off.

But he did, in spades.

So now for the bad news for America. China will double-down on the next rounds of negotiations. They will now be absolutely certain to “set the stage” before the start of the next negotiations. And then, even way beyond the outside perimeters of that “stage” they will also “set a wider stage” that will produce a 200% certainty that the Chinese will win the negotiations,

All this will be done before Trump’s people even start to sit down at the negotiating table. And, whatever they are going to do – it’s going to be Big, the biggest you have ever seen. That’s a guarantee. As far as the Chinese are concerned, nobody out-smarts a Chinaman. Especially, an American. You can take that to the bank.

The Americans can expect all hell to break lose.

And, it did. In fact, it’s going on right now – all over the world, for that matter. Called, “Coronavirus.”

As they say in Chicago’s Chinatown, “Nobody f..ks with China.”

They negotiate to the death. Even if they have to start a World War III.

Which China has now started. Called, “The Silent World War III.” Biological.

America is now struggling for its very life.

And, the Democrats Deep State is working hard while colluding with the Chinese, Russians, and the Deep State Mass-Media - to destroy the USA.

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In the next few Chapters, you will learn more about China’s collusion with the Democrats Deep State and how the they teamed up with Russia, how the USA was scheduled to become a second-rate power, and how the Silent World War III has already started.


Roy Coburne

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