The Democrats DNC Deep State Plot
and Collusion with Russia and China

They have plans to
transform the United States into a Socialist Government
Using the "K4X Virus"

The K4X Virus

Changes Your Behavior to What They Want

Lasts Your Entire Lifetime

No Known Cure

Developed by Russia        Produced by China

You Will Learn ...

The Democrats Deep State, Russia, and China's plot to use the K4X Virus and take over America.

China's 100 Year Plan to marginalize the USA and become the New World Leader.

How they plan to Transform America into a Bernie Sanders style government.

How George Soros is helping to overthrow the American Government

Why Hillary Clinton really destroyed all those 1,000's of emails.

How Russia, China, and the DNC are colluding to marginalize America.

How the K4X-Virus was first used as a biological weapon to control American citizens.

The K4X-Virus, will be used to try and make Bloomberg the President in 2024.

How Bloomberg, Russia, China, and the Democrat's Deep State will Destroy Our Government.

China's Seven-Step Plan to systematically cripple America. They are already in Step 5.

And, why did China use the Coronavirus on America at this time?

Chapter-1, Introduction

Chapter-2, The Plot Becomes More Organized

Chapter-3, George Soros and the Gang of Thugs

Chapter-4, K4X-Virus - First Used to Control American Citizens

Chapter-5, China vs. Trump

Chapter 6, The Silent World War III (being prepared)

These continuing Chapters will expose facts that nobody else will ever expose, guaranteed.

New Chapters are added weekly. Stay tuned. 

Roy Coburne


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