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Learn about our Entry Level Advertising and Marketing Manager Available Career
Entry Level management Training and FREE Local Advertising Business

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JobsNOW Outreach Program
For Religious Organizations

Career Training and FREE Local Advertising Business

 New Outreach Program
Offers Local Jobs

  We provide the following for your community:
             ● FREE Management Training Program
FREE Management Career Opportunities

Jobs are the number one concern throughout America. In every community, people are searching for good paying jobs and good career opportunities. This may include members of your church and many people in your community.

Your church may already, or be planning to, provide various Jobs Outreach events.

CityNation offers FREE to your church our latest JobsNOW Career Outreach Program. This will enable your church to (1) offer this free entry level management training program and (2) offer actual local career opportunities to members of your church and throughout your community.

Entry Level Management Training Programs. CityNation provides entry level management training in advertising, marketing, and publishing. This prepares an individual to successfully manage and own a local advertising & publishing business which we furnish upon completion of the training.

Note: Everything is furnished free to your church.

Obtain FREE JobsNOW
Career Outreach Program Kit

and Church Donations Program
(U.S. only)

Please fill out the form below. We will send you the latest JobsNOW Career Outreach Program Kit and phone you to help you get started.


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Your Church Receives the Following

JobsNOW Career Outreach Program Kit:
a) Instructions for the JobsNOW Career Outreach Program.
b) Brochure/Flyer which we design for your church, to be given to job seekers.
c) Website designed and maintained for your church. Describes the career opportunities and provides the application form.
d) Media Kit which includes a Press Release for you to send to local radio and TV stations.
e) Information about our donations of $200 to $500 to your church

Major Benefit to Job Seekers. CityNation Publishing sets them up in their own advertising & publishing business, provides the management training they need, helps them get started and operate the business, and provides continuing marketing support services. Projected earnings are $65,000 to $85,000/year. The job seeker does not have to spend any of their own money to start and to operate the local advertising & publishing business.

How They Become Qualified. We provide a FREE Training Module which describes the details of this management career. The free training module enables anyone to learn about the Advertising and Marketing Manager career and determine if they are qualified. Most people can do this work.

The Entry Level Management Training Program is ideal for:  
a) Recent graduates (high school or college) searching for a management career job.
b) Downsized workers who want a management career that lasts a lifetime.
Entrepreneurial minded person who wants an expanding management career.

About CityNation Publishing - We are the only known company that provides the opportunity to own a major advertising and publishing business, totally FREE. And, we help the qualified applicant get started and to operate their advertising and publishing business. Our first local publication was created about 25 years ago. That's when we were printing magazines for other companies and we decided to start a local publication for ourselves. We now help others own and manage a local publication, totally free.

Our Donations To Your Religious Organization

CityNation will donate to your church $200 to $500 for each person that you obtain who completes the career training and becomes a local Dealer for one of our publications.

How To Get Started.
Please fill out the Form on this page. We will send you the FREE JobsNOW Career Outreach Program Kit. Our representative will phone you to explain the JobsNOW Career Outreach Program and help you get started.

For more information, please contact me as shown below.


Roland Coblenz
CityNation Publishing Company
Moorpark, California
(805) 744-3067

We Have a Career Job For You

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Career Training and FREE local advertising business opportunity


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