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This is your chance to start your own Local and National Marketing & Sales Business, Totally Free.

Or, join as an Independent National Marketing & Sales Manager and later transition to your own business, and operate as an Affiliate of CityNation-Advertising


Your job or business will consist of selling our Advertising Services to local businesses and building and managing a Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team consisting of Sales Reps and Marketing Team Managers.

--- We provide Training, Marketing Material, and ongoing Support Services.

--- Absolutely no cost to you.

--- Veryr little Cost to operate this business.

--- Use our powerful BUZZ Marketing System to easily obtain customers.

--- Sell our Advertising Services.

--- Sell your Products and Services.

--- Build a large Local and Nation-Wide Marketing/Sales Team.

--- Home-Based, your own desired hours.

You Earn Money 5 Ways

--- From Advertising sales that you sell to Local Businesses.
--- From Advertising sales that your Marketing & Sales Team sells.
--- From Advertising Updates and annual Renewals.
--- From your Products that you sell.
--- From your Products that your Marketing Team sells.

--- You decide how much money you want to earn and build your Marketing & Sales Team to that size.

Why Join

You Want Steady Good Income

You can earn average of $50,000 or more per year from just 10 active Team Members. You can recruit as many Team Members as you want.

Want to keep your current job while building a National Sales Team in your spare time

You can use your computer and build a large Nation-Wide Marketing Team with over 50 Members. Work evenings and weekends in your spare time.

Want to own a High Income Business

Can build large Nation-Wide Marketing Team with over 50 Members.

Want to Pay-Off Student Loans

Work a few hours a week. in evenings. Build a small Marketing Team with other students as Team Members (they also earn money).

Want Retirement Money

Just 5 -10 Active Team Members will get to started. After building your Marketing Team, only a few hours a month are required.

Want to Buy a House

Build a Marketing Team with 20-30 active members. After you build your Marketing Team, this would be just a part-time job.

Want a Professional Career

Determine income you want. Build a Marketing Team to the size and income you want.

Want Extra Income

10 Active Team Members will provide good Extra Income. After building your Marketing Team, only a few hours a month is required.


*Active Team Members sell our Advertising Services to local businesses in their area.



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