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Career Training and FREE Local Advertising Business

Help Provide Career Jobs for America

JobsNOW Recruiters Wanted

Marketing Tools

Recruiters Wanted
Offer Career Training Program and Guaranteed JOB
to the 30 Million Americans who are unemployed, downsized,
and recently graduated who are looking for a good JOB.

Become a "JobsNOW Recruiter" - Work Remotely
   Projected earnings over $3,000/month in your spare time.
  ● We have jobs available all over the USA.
Receive full instructions and help.

Career Training and FREE Local Advertising Business

JobsNOW Recruiters wanted
  ● Home-Recruiter
  ● Making Money
  ● Training 
  ● Marketing Tools
  ● Your Marketing Team
  ● About Advertising
  ● Help Others Get a Job
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Career Training Program
CityNation Career Job Training, Includes Guaranteed Professional Job Upon Completion of Training.

Advertising Career

15 Ways to
Promote Your Recruiting

There are almost unlimited ways you can offer and promote your Recruiting. We furnish instructions for 15 of the most popular types of free advertising and promotion for your recruiting. This can provide 100's of free promotions for your recruiting.

What Recruiters Do:
(1) You offer a Career Training Program that guarantees a professional job upon completion of the training - to the unemployed and downsized workers and to recent graduates who are looking for a good job or career.
(2) You obtain new JobsNOW Recruiters who join your Marketing Team.

Your Marketing Team. You can obtain as many members to your marketing Team as you wish. Every time they recruit someone who starts the Career Training Program, both they and you get paid. CityNation provides the Marketing Tools to each member of your Marketing Team.

Your Marketing Kit
Select either of the following kits

Premium Marketing Kit - $9.50. This Marketing Kit includes 15 of the most popular Marketing Tools (provides 100's of free advertisements you can provide) and you receive unlimited help from our Marketing Consultant.

The Marketing Tools that we furnish provide a wide variety of methods to select. For example you can pass out your Flyers to friends and associates who may be looking for a good job or a business opportunity.

Or, you can us the Power Point Presentation to for a Talk Show on Cable TV. Or, you can use the 55 ways to promote your recruiting on Facebook.

FREE Trial Marketing Kit. This Kit includes a few of the available Marketing Tools and provides limited help from our Marketing Consultant.

Here are a few examples
 of the Marketing Tools

Details will be furnished when you join.
  ● You receive over 55 ways for you to promote on the Facebook.
  ● You receive instructions for you to promote free on over 100 Free Classifieds Ads websites.
  ● We design a Custom Website for your promotions.
  ● We custom design Promotional Flyers for you.
  ● We design a Promotional Business Cards for you.
  ● We furnish a PowerPoint Presentation for you.

Premium Marketing Kit includes the following Marketing Tools and provides unlimited help from our marketing Consultant :

Facebook *
Free Classified Ads Websites
Custom designed Flyer*
We custom design your Business Card
Press Release
Your Custom Website
Radio Talk Shows
Internet Talk Shows
Cable TV

* Included in FREE Trial Marketing Kit.

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