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CityNation  Advertising and marketing for local small businesses


The Best One-Year
Advertising & Marketing Campaign
Ever Created - for any Business

FREE Sales Teams
Any Small Retail Business

FREE Sales
Grow Your Business Get Started


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FREE Sales Teams
for Your
Local Small Retail Business

Brings More Customers


The Best Marketing Program
Ever Created
For Any Small Retail Business
in America

Thank you for your interest in obtaining the CityNation One-Year Premium Advertising and Marketing Program, which provides FREE Sales Teams that can grow your business, automatically.

In all of our 30 years in advertising and marketing, we have never seen or even heard of such a powerful marketing program, as our new CityNation BUZZ Marketing System, which you can now obtain.

 Here are most, but not all, of the
features and benefits that you will receive

FREE Local Sales Teams
Your FREE Local Sales Team will promote your business
and sell your products within the
 regular marketing area around your business.

This will keep your regular customers
and obtain new customers


FREE Regional Sales Team
Your FREE Regional Sales Team will promote your business

and sell your products
further out from your regular
marketing area around your business

This will bring you many more new customers


FREE Nation-Wide Sales Team
Your FREE Nation-Wide Sales Team
will promote your business and sell your products
anywhere in the country

If you don’t have a product for this
CityNation will help you develop a product

This enhances your image

for your local and regional marketing areas


FREE Sales Representatives
In each of your Sales Teams

You can get up to 4

FREE Sales Representatives

They work for you. And, you are their boss.

Your Sales Representatives

visit the Local and Regional Business

and other businesses anywhere in the country

to promote your business and sell your products.


Customized Premium full-page

Published for 12 months.



That will attract new customers and keep existing customers.

You provide Coupons are promoted for a full year

By your Promotional Website

By your Local Sales Team

By your Regional Sales Team

By your Nation-Wide Sales Team.


Online Advertisements
Customized Premium full-page

Published for 12 Months.


Monthly Contests

That will attract new customers and keep existing customers.

Your Monthly Contests are promoted for a full year by your

Various Contest Advertisements and by your

Sales Reps as they visit Local, Regional,

and Businesses anywhere in the country


Promotional Website

For Promoting

Your Advertisements

Your products and services

Your Coupons

Your Contests

Your Entire Business


Business Consulting Service

To help you develop the right plans

 To grow your business,

Organize your Sales Teams

Promote your entire business


The 7-Day

"Promotional Advertising Give-Away”

You Sales Representatives

Offer FREE Full-Page

Online Advertising

Local and Regional Businesses

When they purchase

any item from your business


You can renew this entire
Marketing Program every year

And, keep growing your business

For as long as you want.


Your Residual Income will
keep paying You

So you can continue every year to keep getting this

Entire Marketing Program



When You Sign Up NOW  

12-Months Advertising and Marketing Program

During our current Promotional Campaign

You receive the following additional benefits:


1. Update your Advertisements, FREE. During the first 30-Days, you can revise and update your Advertisements FREE.

2. Extra Month, FREE. You will receive a bonus that extends this entire marketing program for an Extra Month, FREE.

3. Bonus Extra Income, FREE. You can join our Monthly Residual Income Program which can pay you a Bonus every time your Sales Reps sells our Advertising & Marketing Program to a business.


4. Pays your monthly Subscription Fee, FREE. This can pay for all of your Monthly Subscription Fees.


5. Plus, money left over, FREE. And, you could have money left over to lease a new car every year, for the Owner or Manager of the business.


6. Your business becomes instantly more valuable, FREE. Your business can instantly become many thousands of dollars more valuable.


7. CityNation will transfer this entire Marketing Program to the new buyer (should you sell your business) and we will continue all of your promotions, website, advertising, and Sales Representatives for the new owner.

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With All of This
You've Got to Ask Yourself

"Could you ever find a better Deal for your business?"

The Best is for You

With your Residual Income

You can get this complete Advertising & Marketing Program.

Entirely FREE

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