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“Total Marketing System”
For Your Small Business

(Just like those Big Corporations have)


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17 Point “Total Marketing System”

12 Months
Complete Marketing System

Marketing Systems

Full-Page Custom
Advertising, Marketing
and Promotional System


Sales Representative
For Your Business


Professional Version - $260 per month

Start Growing Your Business, NOW

“Total Marketing System”

For Your Small Business

You Receive All of This:

1) Sales Representative

2) Advertising and Promotional Website

**3) Buy-Now Bonus 15 Days FREE Trial (Option B)

4) Coupons System

5) Contests System

6) Raffle

7) Press Release

8) Articles

9) Full-Page Premium Advertisement #1

10) Full-Page Premium Advertisement #2

11) Premium SEO, Search Engine Optimization

12) On-Call Marketing Research

**13) Buy-Now Bonus Business Marketing Plan and Action Plan (Option B)

14) Increased Business Value

15) Full Marketing System Transferred to a new buyer, FREE

**16) Buy-Now Bonus of 3 Extra Months, FREE (Option B)

17) Unlimited Revisions to Advertisements, first 30 days, FREE











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Marketing System
For Your Business
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Option B
"CityNation Marketing Club"
Premium Version
Plus Dealership
With Royalty Income

Custom Advertising, 
Marketing, and Promotional System

15-Days FREE Trial
Average Payments ($260 per month)
First Month Down Payment $520
And Payments
$260 per months for months 2-11

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Option A
(Not a Member)

Standard Version
(No Extra Months)
Custom Advertising, 
Marketing, and Promotional System

($260 per month)
First Month Down Payment $390
Second Month Down Payment $390
And Payments per months 3–11
at $260 each month

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Procedure for buying the
Premium Version
One-Year Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System

1) To get started, enter your Contact Information. In the Comments box and enter any Additional FREE Items. And, enter any other requirements (Goes to .

2) You will be sent to the Thank You page (Goes to )

3a) You will be sent to the Order Page that lists the details of the purchase. (This Page you are reading)

3b) Place Your Order (This is the Page you are reading).
Click on the "Subscribe" Button. You will be sent to PayPal to enter your payment.

4) At PayPal.
Follow instructions and make payment.

5) CityNation will contact you the next business day to help you start preparations for your advertisements and Sales Teams.

6) Your advertisements will be published for 12 months from the date they are first published. Plus any Extra Months provided to you.

All advertisements will be published on the same day.

7) During the first 30 days, you can request any corrections or update to the advertisements.

8) Any questions or help, contact the CityNation Local Representative. Or, contact Roy Coburne at CityNation Marketing Systems at (805) 990-1892.

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