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Mom and Pop Business

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CityNation Miracle Marketing System
World-Class Marketing Systems

FREE Marketing Ambassadors that Promote Your Business

Grow Your Business
20% to 60% with Miracle Marketing System
Every year

Get this World-Class
CityNation Miracle Marketing System

 Provides you over $140,000 worth of Advertising,
Marketing, and Promotions each year

for your Franchise or Small Retail Business

Get all the Marketing Tools that you need
to keep growing your business

There has never been a more powerful and complete Marketing System designed to keep growing the Franchise and Small Retail Businesses in America.



You receive On-Call Help
and Customer Service.

You will get
The Greatest and most complete Marketing Program
Ever offered to Franchises and Small Retail Business


The Products
of this
CityNation 5-Year
Miracle Marketing System
Renewed every year

Including your
FREE Marketing Ambassadors

This is also included in the
CityNation Miracle Marketing System:
FREE Marketing Ambassadors

The most complete Marketing System for Small Businesses

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CityNation Miracle Marketing System
Special 98% Discount

You receive over $140,000 of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions each year for 5 years - for your Franchise  and Small Retail Business.


We will be starting a
Crowd Funding
with KickStarter

We will provide discounts and Extra Rewards. So if you are interested, we would love to see you at the KickStarter website when we get started there.

Just press the Red button below and enter your contact information. We plan to provide Rewards for everyone who attends.


This FREE  Miracle Marketing System
exclusively available only to the Franchises and the Small Retail Businesses and their Vendors,

This CityNation Miracle Marketing System

Provides more Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions than any other marketing company has ever offered to the Franchise, Small Retail Businesses and their Vendors.

Below is the summary of what you will get in this CityNation
Marketing System.

You Get Marketing

They visit business
 all over your entire region, promoting your business and
products to all the
businesses in your area.

You hire the

CityNation pays
them and trains
them to market and
sell your products and also offer the CityNation Miracle Marketing System to the businesses that they visit.


You are in charge of
the Growth of your Business

You are the Boss of your Marketing Ambassadors and your Marketing Team.

If you want more Income, you can hire more Marketing Ambassadors.

CityNation pays them.


Two Premium

You get 2 separate
Premium Full-Page Advertisements.
Includes video, graphics, logo, and unlimited text. Published in our Online Business News for the entire 5-years.


Promotional Website

This is where you promote your business and products. Your Coupons, Contests, Advertisements,
Help Wanted, your Business News, our Press Releases for your business, and our Articles and Stories that promote your business – all published on your Promotional Website

Become Dealer for the CityNation Miracle Marketing System

You and your Marketing Ambassadors promote your business - and promote tour business and also offer the CityNation Miracle Marketing System to Small Retail businesses, which includes the Retail Franchises.

CityNation pays you a Royalty Income

Plus, you earn a Royalty Income every time you obtain a new account for our CityNation Miracle Marketing System.

Your Marketing Ambassadors receive a Royalty Income and Residual Income when they obtain a new account for our CityNation Miracle Marketing System..


There is a lot going on with this Marketing System. And you are in the drivers seat at all times.

CityNation provides the marketing tools. And you are the boss of your Marketing Ambassadors and this Miracle Marketing System.

For the services that CityNation provides for you, we consult with you on every item - to make sure that we are in-tune on building and growing your business.


Renew the
Miracle Marketing
System for 5 Years

You can continue your CityNation Miracle Marketing System every year for 5 years, at the same rate, setup, and features. Everything continues without any interruption.


Five-Years of
Marketing, and

CityNation is breaking
all records. There has never been such a large and lengthy Marketing Program offered to the
Small Retail Businesses

 Your Coupons will be shown among your Advertisements on the Internet.

The Coupons will be  printed by you and handed out by your Marketing Ambassadors to the local and regional businesses.



 The contests will be
promoted in your store and on your Advertising pages on the Internet.

And your Marketing Ambassadors will promote the Contests throughout your area,

An easy and popular contest is a photo Selfie Contest, used by your iPhone.



This is an extra that
we like to include.
This tells an interesting story about your business,
products, and services.
Also, you can get high school or college
intern students to write articles for you.

CityNation will write Articles for you,

CityNation will publish all the Articles on your Promotional Website.

Extra Publication
about Your Story

This Tells your Story
about you and your

It talks about your products, describes your services, and what makes your business so different and better than others.

Press Releases

CityNation will publish Press Releases that
describe your milestones and new events that will occur in your business. 


Intern Editor
and Ambassador

Nearby high schools and colleges have
classes for editors and writers.

Many of these students seek an intern job as Editor.

You can hire an intern Editor for your online Business News Publication.


Your Flyers

Every month you
can create a new
Flyer that promotes
your business and
shows the monthly
Special Product.

Your Marketing Ambassadors will pass out the Flyers to the Local businesses they visit.

Advertising and
FREE Blast-Off

Periodically, your
Marketing Ambassadors will offer a FREE full-page Advertisement, published for one year, and offered to selected  local businesses.

CityNation will publish the Advertisements in the CityNation Business News.

Public Speaker

As a Dealer, you can visit local Chambers of
Conference, Rotary Clubs, and other place where businesses gather - to give speeches about your Miracle Marketing System.

Annual Raffle

Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Club, and You

We provide a Marketing Kit for Chambers and, Rotary Clubs, for sponsoring an annual Raffle for the winning ticket to obtain a Complete Miracle Marketing System, entirely FREE. This is a major promotion held once a year.

The Raffle would be promoted by the Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club, by your Marketing Ambassadors passing out FREE Coupons to all the local businesses, and yourself.

Imagine Small Business getting a FREE $140,000 12-months of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions for their business.

This will be a big, popular promotion for your business. FREE Tickets to the local businesses are passed out to all the Small Businesses in your area.


On-Call Help and Customer Service

This is a very valuable service that no other advertising or
marketing company ever seems give to you. This will help you continue improving your marketing skills, and much more.


You are not limited to just 1 Marketing

There might be occasions where you need another Marketing Ambassador.

For a limited time, you can obtain additional FREE Marketing Ambassadors as needed to grow your business.


Your business will become Instantly More

This Miracle Marketing System
will make your business instantly much more valuable. And, will keep growing your business, for as long as your want.

The Same Deal for a New Owner

Should you sell
your business,
this same operation, setup, features, accounts, and benefits can be included in the sale.

This can make your business $50,000 to over $100,000 more valuable to the new buyer.



15-Days FREE
Trial Period

This is where you
can make double
sure that this is what you want.

You can cancel during this period, before any payment.

That's why we call this a
"No Brainer".


The Enterprise Method of
Customer Service

We include Customer Service in this Miracle Marketing System, because studies show that on average, 40% of your business success is due to your exceptional Customer Service.

That's what Warren Buffett is talking about in this video,

 The Enterprise Method is one of the best Customer Service System to use. We provide the instructions and help you.          
View this Video


Business Marketing and Action Plan

You receive a Draft Copy that you will customize and finalize with your Team during your 15 Day FREE Trial.

This will be used as a guide and should always be kept updated during the entire 5-years of Advertising, Marketing and Promotions for your business.


As a Dealer

You Can
Build a Marketing Team
and Earn Extra Money

The best part is that as a Dealer. You can build a Marketing Team as large as you want, and as good as you want.

Target Franchise's

Hire a Marketing Ambassador to target Franchise's - both the Franchisees and the Franchisor.

This is where your Marketing Ambassador could earn a Six Figure Income, working part-time.


A Secret to Success

Use your Marketing Ambassadors to scout and survey the best location for a second store.

Than, have your Sales Representatives build-up demand for your products at that new location.

When demand is sufficient, then make the commitment to start the new store.


Work in Any City in USA

How to get a much higher price
when selling your business

1. Obtain this CityNation Miracle Marketing System for your business.

2. Start growing your customer base and revenue.

3. At the right time, sell your business.

The Marketing Ambassador

This is not a Job - This is a wonderful
part-time, interesting and pleasant,
home based permanent Career.

Join CityNation and work for a business that is near your home.


How to buy a business
at a bargain price

1. Search for a business that that you like, but has poor Customer Service.

2. And has no Advertising, Marketing, and Promotion system..

3. Make arrangements with CityNation to get the Premium Miracle Marketing System.

4. Buy that business.



Background Stories
CityNation Miracle Marketing System

CityNation Small Retail
Business Alliance

“We Help the Small Retail Businesses
in America Grow and Prosper”
$140,000 Miracle Marketing System

It takes a Nation-Wide Movement
To get this job done

Become a
Paid Volunteer

Volunteers of all sorts are needed, from all over the country and at all ages over 16.

--- Work from home WHENEVER YOU WANT, your own desired days and time. Work on commissions +\of Residual Income and  Royalty Income.

a) Marketing Ambassador. Visit local businesses, provide Brochures, explain the Miracle Marketing System, and how to get started. Provide follow-up and Customer Service.

b) Public Speaker – at Chambers of commerce, rotary clubs and other groups.

c) Recruiter (Build & Manage a Team)

d) Franchise Recruiter.

e) (Group Leader.

f) Chief Editor.

g) Blogger

Click Here to apply.

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The CityNation Goal

To furnish the CityNation Miracle Marketing System to every Retail Franchise and Small Retail Business that is qualified.

_____ // _____

Special Advantages for


 Insurance Brokers
Business Brokers

You can become our Dealer.

Get complete CityNation Miracle Marketing System, with FREE Marketing Ambassadors.

You can sell the complete CityNation Miracle Marketing System to qualified Franchise and Insurance Broker and Business Broker,

You will receive Royal and Residual Incomes for the new accounts that you obtain.

This is the Greatest Marketing Program in the history of Small Retail Businesses.

Your Business

Benefits and Highlights

This CityNation Miracle Marketing System is a separate ad-on to your Small Retail Business.

And does the following for 5-years:

Instantly increases the value of your business ($50,000 to over $100,000).

Keeps growing your business,

Brings you more customers.

You can start a second location for your business, by using your promotions.

Provides Internet Advertising and Promotions that attract new customers.

Enables you to conduct promotions with Chambers of Commerce and other business organizations.

Provides Coupon and Contests Programs.

Gives FREE Advertising to qualified local businesses.

Makes you a popular business in your community.

Pays your Marketing Ambassadors that promotes your business and products to the local businesses all over your area.

Gives unlimited On-Call help and Customer Service from CityNation.

The Training enables you to keep learning new ways to promote your business.


That's the Miracle.

So when our Marketing Ambassador
comes knocking on your door,
Give her a Big Welcome.

You are about to start growing your business like never before.


You can be eligible for the Following
Blastoff Rewards
During Our Starter Phase
with KickStarter


Related to the KickStarter Program

We will provide the following Special Rewords for your donations: 

--- Additional One Year 50% Off for the CityNation Miracle Marketing System.

--- CityNation will write and publish a short Detective Story with you as the Detective.
(See video: How Ralph built a life out of nowhere)

--- Our Leader was a Rocket Scientist and worked with NASA and the Astronauts.

He will write and publish a short story about you as an astronaut going to the moon on a secret mission.

--- CityNation will publish a Marketing Story in the CityNation News, with you as the main hero.

--- We will put your Name and Photo in one of our video Training Stories.

--- You can select from a variety of other Rewards for your Donations.

You and Your Sales Team

No other marketing company has ever offered anything like this.

Provides a compelling cold-call introduction by phone or visits.

Provides the Marketing System that gives you over $140,000 worth of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions for your business, for a full year. And followed by an extremely low cost, four more years.

The largest Marketing Program ever offered to the Small Retail Businesses in America.

Provides a good second income for your Marketing Ambassadors.

And Royalty Income.

You receive Extra Residual Income.

Other Sales Representatives will want to join your company.

Your business can now keep growing, every month.

Why You Pay a
Subscription Fee

You need to have some Skin in The Game. It gives you the required respect and enthusiasm for this important Product.

Other marketing companies would charge over $9,000 per month for a similar marketing program.

Your monthly Subscription Fee is less than 3% of that amount. A huge bargain.

How you will
never go bankrupt

When we heard that a million Small Businesses went bankrupt and that trend is continuing, yet nobody is providing any serious help, we knew that we had to do something to fix this problem.

As a Rocket Scientist, we had been innovating for many years to get to the moon and back. Thus, we sure had the experience to innovate a solution that helps all the Small Retail Businesses to keep growing for as long as they want, and not going bankrupt

We considered this to be our duty to solve this problem. Because that’s the kind of thing that we were doing for NASA and other organizations for years. Plus, that's our Specialty, creating the solution to very large, major complex problems.

As for charging the Small Retail Businesses a lot of money to help them keep growing their business for as long as they want, that’s not who we are.

I guess we are "Old-School." It doesn’t seem right to charge somebody money for saving them from drowning.

So, we had to figure out a way for all of these small businesses to prevent them form gong bankrupt and to start building up their revenue and keep growing.

How did we solve
such a puzzle?

We had a lot of experience in solving complex problems. So here is what we did.

We invented a new advanced version of the mathematics invented by the German Mathematician Georg Cantor's Set Theory.

And modified his theory and shuffled, re-arrange, and optimize each task.

And, We had to look at every penny. Thankfully, our Team Members are penny-pinchers.

And, we rearranged all the Tasks like nobody had ever done before.

The result is, we can now provide FREE Marketing Ambassadors. This will enable the business owner to build up the business and obtain the profit needed to prevent a bankrupt.

In addition, CityNation includes in the CityNation Miracle Marketing System a Quarterly assessment of all the Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions - and make any changes in all of the Business Marketing that are needed to increase the revenue.

This will be achieved by modifying the Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions - plus, obtaining more Marketing Ambassadors.

When will the
Marketing Ambassadors
be ready to start


The hiring, firing of the Marketing Ambassadors is done by the Franchisee or the Small Retail Business owner.

You are the Boss.

CityNation Trains them, pays them, and provides Oversight Supervision.

CityNation also provides the instructions, scripts, and online website.

This\\e following type of Marketing Ambassador is recommended: Part-time, work from home, their own schedules time, compensation is commission-only plus Residual Income, there are various way to work their job, and as an independent representative.

The individual should be 18 years or older, have a car, computer, speak clear English, and male or female.

Categories may be: College Student, housewife, Vendor who has spare time, Retired individual, experienced or non-experienced Salesperson, individual who wants extra money, or career-minded individual.

A typical sequence for recruiting is:
You received the Hiring Kit from CityNation - You post the Help Wanted - You promote the Help Wanted - You get Replies - You Interview - You send individual to CityNation - CityNation provides the Training and sends them back to you - and you provide final instructions and items to pass out.

Usually, the hiring is achieved during the first  month. By the second month, they are ready to start visiting the local businesses in your area, and promoting your business and products.


Marketing Ambassador's compensation is commission which can be from about $5,000 to $50,000 per year or more, depending on their hours spent.

However, a 6-Figure annual income can be achieved by obtaining selected Corporate and Franchise new Accounts.

When the owner or Marketing Ambassador obtain a new account, they receive a Royalty Income by the end of the week,

When the Marketing Ambassador obtains a new account, they receive a Residual Income when the Marketing Ambassador of the new account starts obtaining their own new accounts.

Join NOW
You Have Nothing To Lose

You get a 15-Days FREE Trial Period.

This gives you ample time to check out everything.

During this period, you can cancel before paying any money.

Who Are We

Our leader is an Ex-Rocket Scientist (retired) who worked with NASA and the Air Force, and is an expert at innovating and developing new solutions.

His team and many others, used their innovating skills and helped bring our astronauts to the moon and back.

He has now used his innovating skills to create the most powerful Marketing System ever created for Franchisees and Small Retail Businesses. And brings them to a new future of growth and prosperity.

The CityNation Miracle Marketing System provides over $140,000 worth of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions, each year. 

This is a 5 year Marketing Program that provides a total of over $700,000 worth of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions that you will get for your business.


How Can The
“5-Year Miracle Marketing System”
cost so little?

The basic foundation for making this cost so little, lies in the mathematics of the Set Theory, invented by Georg Cantor, a German mathematician in 1873.

The main thing that we did was to modify the Set Theory, rearrange the contents of all the tasks, and to optimize who does what task.

The low cost solution meets all of the Accounting Standards and Rules, IRS Regulations, and meets the normal principles of Business Cost and Profit Standards. In other words, this is completely legitimate.

How Does
CityNation Pay Us?

You receive a Royalty Income every time that you obtain a new Account.

And you also receive a Residual Income for every new Account that your Sales Team obtains.

You are paid at the end of the week that CityNation is paid from the customers,

4 Special Benefits
For Your Business

#1. This is a separate business opportunity, which is an add-on to any Small Retail Business.

#2. This Miracle Marketing System provides an extra Income for your Sales Team.

#3. This will make it easier for you to hire more Marketing Ambassadors.

#4. For a limited time, you can obtain additional Marketing Ambassadors.


The First 5 Steps
to start growing your business

Your First 10 Days

1). Right after you sign up, CityNation phones you, describes the process and overall programs, answers all your questions, and sends you a detailed Draft Marketing and Action Plan - for you to establish your goals - and keep tract of all the things that will be happening every week..

2). You start gathering all of the information for preparing your Advertisements.

3). CityNation edits and publishes your Advertisements.

4). You hire your first Marketing Ambassador.

5) Start your Promotions with the Chamber of Commerce and/or Rotary Club Raffles.


Get Started

Get started with your
CityNation Miracle Marketing System
Click Here TO START 


What You Can Earn

Dealer, Teams. and
Marketing Ambassadors

Marketing Ambassador.
The average Marketing Ambassador works about 20 hours a week and gets at least 2 new accounts per month.

With just 2 new accounts that you obtain per month, at years end you could be getting paid at the $50,000 level.

This is from your Organic Team

In addition, you can also start a Team, called Network Team. You could recruit from anywhere in the USA. Every time they obtain a new account you get paid a Residual Income, which could be much more money.

As a Dealer, you can earn much more then a Marketing Ambassador.

Paid Annually

For all of these positions, your income is paid to you annually, Each year, your accounts with Royalty Income and Residual Income, pays you again. As long as they stay as an account.

You could even retire on the income you are receiving, As long as you supervise and motivate them.




Apply - Get Information - Start

Or contact
CityNation Miracle Marketing System
Los Angeles, California
(805) 990-1892

Our world-wide Team works Remotely
USA, Germany, England, Middle East


CityNation Stories from our  History

The following old videos still provide helpful information for
what you might
want to achieve


I wanted to retire from my small business and also receive an income.


How 2 old men teamed up and became successful


How Ralph built
a life out of nowhere.






12 Ways to Grow

Miracle Marketing System

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