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Summary1 Grow CityNation
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CityNation Small Business Alliance

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12 Steps for you to

Start Growing Your Business

1). Right after you join, CityNation phones you, describes the process and overall programs to bring you more customers, answers your questions, talks about what CityNation does, what you do, and sends you the instructions.

2) Start gathering all of the information for preparing your Advertisements.

3) Start advertising for your Sales Representatives.

4) CityNation installs your Promotional Website

5) Finish gathering all the information for your Advertisements and prepare and send a Draft copy of your Advertisements to CityNation, in Digital Format, i.e., MS Word.

6) CityNation starts editing your Advertisements.

7) Conduct your interviews with the applicants for your Sales Representative job.
And, send them to CityNation for Training.

8) CityNation publishes your Advertisements.

9) CityNation completes the Training of your Sales Representatives.

10) Your Sales Representatives are returned to you, and you give them final instructions for marketing your business and selling your products.

11) Your Sales Representatives proceed to visit the Local and Regional areas and talk to the owners and managers of the businesses.

They introduce your business, provide a Flyer of your business and the FREE Coupon of the month, Your Sales Representative talks about your Contest that everyone can join, and also talk about the upcoming FREE Full-Page Online Advertising the local businesses can get, FREE.

12) Meanwhile, you are rearranging your store, revising your literature, training your employees, updating your Customer Service, and sending out notices, that you are expanding your business.

 And every 3 months, both you and CityNation get together to review the status and see if any changes are needed for growing your business.

Note - Additional instructions may be included as we customize your Marketing Plan.



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