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Our job at CityNation is to
Help your business grow and prosper
Premium Advertisements
Local, Regional, and Nation-Wide Sales Teams

and all the other services
that CityNation provides for you

in the CityNation Total Marketing System


First, a few interesting facts:

About the FREE Sales Representatives that you can get:

There are a few companies that lease Sales Representatives. They charge $65,000 to $85,000 per year for one full-time Sales Representative, but not yet trained to promote your business and sell your products.

With CityNation, you get a FREE Sales Representatives with your CityNation Total Marketing System.

The CityNation Total Marketing System helps your Sales Reps quickly build friendly relations with the business owners and managers, and helps your Sales Reps sell more of your products.

Your Sales Reps also introduce our advertising services to these businesses. That's how you are able to get the Sales Representatives FREE. Plus, from the revenue of these sales, we pay your Sales Reps - and we pay you a Residual Income, which is our way of saying, "Thank you."

In addition to the FREE Sales Representatives and the FREE Residual Income that you get, as you proceed, you will find more FREE Benefits that you will get.

Did you know, that your business instantly became many thousands of dollars more valuable because you now have a CityNation Total how many employees at enterprise rent a car

Marketing System working for you.

12 Ways that CityNation will be helping to
Grow Your Small Business, now and in the future

1. Market Research.
2. FREE Ambassadors
3. Extend your marketing reach into New Areas
4. Increase Customer Retention
5. Become popular in your community

6. Your online Advertisements

7. Your online Contests

8. The Super promotion of offering Full-Page Advertisements, to local businesses.

9, Presentations about your business to Chambers, Rotary, and other organizations

10. Easy to start a second business location.

11. Press Releases

12. Articles and Stories that CityNation publishes about you and your business.

One-Year Advertising & Marketing System

1) You have just placed your Order for the One-Year Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System.

2) A CityNation Business Consultant will contact you, answer all your questions, and provide instructions for you to get started.

3) Your advertisements will be published for 12 months from the date they are first published.

4) Plus, FREE Extra Advertisements that CityNation may publish about your business and you.

4) All advertisements will be published on the same day, except the Extra Advertisements.

5) During the first 30 days, you can request any corrections or update to your advertisements.

6) Any questions, contact the CityNation Local Representative for your Account.
Or, contact CityNation Total Marketing Systems at (805) 990-1892 9am to 6pm M-Sat, California Time.

7) For getting your Sales Teams started, we will cover that in our first phone call and send you the instruction.

8) Meanwhile, you can start gathering the information needed for your Advertisements.

Thank you,

Roland Coblenz
President, CityNation Marketing System
Moorpark, California
(805) 990-1892

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