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"CityNation BUZZ Marketing System"


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Sales Representatives

You pass out Flyers and Coupons to Local Businesses in your area.

And answer their questions.


You tell them about our powerful CityNation BUZZ Marketing System.

That will keep growing their business for as long as they want.


And explain how they can get everything FREE when they become a Dealer.

And then you help them sign up.

Your Job

You are Trained as a CityNation Marketing Consultant

You are paid by CityNation Marketing Systems.

And, you are assigned to the Local Business that you are applying to.

They are your boss.

You work from home or office, your own desired days and hours, as an independent contractor.


We prefer that you work part-time, but you can work full-time.

CityNation has created The Greatest Marketing Invention of the Century

You are helping the local small businesses in your area get more customers and grow their business.

You will show them how they can get everything , FREE.

You will be part of the rejuvenation of Local Small Retail Businesses in America.


You must be over 18 years old and have some experience in sales or marketing.

Friendly, honesty, dependable, and neat appearance are required.

And, you will need to learn the products that you are offering.


How it works

This is an easy, friendly, professional job. And, it is not the traditional selling job.

This is all about soft-selling, where you merely introduce and explain the products.


You are offering a complete Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System that is guaranteed to grow their business over 50%.

Which no other company has ever offered to these businesses.


And, you show them how they can get everything FREE.

And then, you help them sign up and get started.


Your goal is to - create an atmosphere where the prospects will like you and to also like the products.

Because the products do the selling.

Nevertheless, you always, “Ask for the Order.”


What you offer

You offer 2 things: The product that your boss wants you to offer - and the complete CityNation Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional System, which they can get FREE.

It is not difficult to offer something that is FREE - which the business desperately needs, and that will grow their business as big as they want.


The CityNation Marketing System is the only real solution to saving the local small retail stores in America, from going bankrupt, and closing their doors forever. You are helping these businesses, like nobody else has ever done before.

You visit local businesses in your area and pass out Flyers and Coupons. You explain to the owner or manager what these are all about.


Background for the CityNation Marketing System

You are offering the best Marketing System that has ever been created for Small Businesses.

And, at a ridiculously low price, and even FREE.


There has never been anything like what you are offering, in the history of marketing.

Other companies would charge over $160,000 per year, for what you are offering, FREE.

What you can earn, part-time

You earn straight commission, from the following:

Standard Commission, when the Client signs up for the Marketing System.


Residual Income, later when your Client’s Sales Representatives become active.

Renewal Commissions, you also receive commissions for their annual renewal.

The average Part-Time Sales Representative can earn:

First year: $6,000/month to $12,000/month*

Second year: $10,000/month to $16,000/month*

Third year: $14,000/month to $20,000/month*

Note: *When you become skilled with the Products and Presentation.

Who is best for this Job

You want extra income.

Retired and want to stay active.

College student, want to learn a career and earn extra money.

Just starting your career and want to get into management.

Experienced salesperson, want to quickly get into executive management.

How to Join

Just Click on the Red Button below and enter your contact information - and upload your Resume.

A Representative will contact you.

Plus, you can also phone the Business that you are applying to.

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