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Become a CityNation Affiliate

Nothing to buy - Earn steady monthly income - It's Easy.

You obtain Referrals for our Totally Free “Complete Advertising Business Opportunity”

You can refer as many individuals as you want - and earn a steady monthly income.

We will pay you money to lease the new car of your choice.

It's that easy to get a New Car, without spending your own money, from now on.



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You Choose Your Affiliate Plan
It’s Free. Nothing to buy. We furnish everything you need, Totally Free.

Share with your friends.
Use our marketing material.

Social Media
Share with your target audience
on the Internet.

Team Leader
Build a Team of Affiliates
and Social Media friends


 Become a Super Referral Affiliate
Build a network of Businesses that also provide Referrals
And, Triple Your Monthly Income.


Insurance Brokers and Agents

Get almost Unlimited Leads, Appointments, and Sales of your Insurance
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As an Affiliate, You Offer the following to Individuals:
(The Individuals MUST live in the USA)

Furnished Totally Free
Home-Based Business

Local Advertising
Business Opportunity

You visit local businesses and sell our advertising services

Furnished Totally Free
Home-Based Business

National Sales Team

You Manage their Sales Team

Furnished Totally Free
Home Based Business

Director of Sales
Corporate Marketing System

You furnish Totally Free
our Marketing System
to other companies

Basically, What You Do as an Affiliate

In your spare time, you refer individuals who would like to obtain a complete Home-Based Advertising Business Totally Free.

These individuals can earn $100,000 to $200,000/year full-time or $50,000 to $100,000/year part time.

They receive everything needed, including startup help, our world-class marketing and sales system, and our ongoing Support Services.

This is furnished by CityNation-Advertising, which has been a leading innovator in advertising for over 30 years.

They work their own hours - any time they want. They can select any of the Home-Based Businesses described above.


If you are good at obtaining referrals, we recommend that you apply for the Super Affiliate opportunity.

If you are a salesperson, you might consider obtaining one of the Home-Based Businesses for yourself.

We help your referrals get started and provide everything they need – Totally Free.

Join Our
Provide Referrals
Totally Free

Can Get a

Ford - Cadillac 

Totally Free

New Ford Mustang Convertible

Get Started Today

Keep your Job. Keep your same Lifestyle.

This is our way of thanking you for doing us a favor.


"Best Home Job
 I have ever seen."

"Just 10 referrals can
earn you $72,000 year."

"Everything is furnished to you Totally Free"

"I am retired. So, I only want to work about 4 hours a week."

"CityNation will help me build my National Sales Team."

I love working from home, any time I want."

"I am retired and I enjoy meeting and talking to the business folks."

I am a Student and owe over $45,000 on my Student Loan. Now I can pay that off in one year."

"CityNation will give me a complete home-based advertising business
Totally Free. WoW."

Example of what
you can earn as an Affiliate

10 referrals, each work part time and obtain only 3 sales a month.

You can receive $72,000 for the first year.

For the second year, you can receive $126,000, including the renewals.

That's right.
This is no bull.
This is No Bull


Get this new Ford Mustang Convertible - Totally Free

When you first get started with your referrals, you set aside the monthly income to pay for the lease of your selected car.
See the income example on the right-side panel.
Just 2 such referred individuals can provide you with enough monthly income to pay for the car lease plus all the gas and maintenance.

New Ford Mustang Convertible
You can Sign Up Right NOW



You Follow Our 6-Steps to Easy Success

Training Part-1, Learn our Advertising System.

Training-Part-2, Learn the referral Methods.

Start using the referral methods.

Send email to CityNation about each referral.

We send you a percentage of income every month from the sales produced by all of your referrals.

You continue to follow-up with each referral as they progress.


CityNation Affiliate
Benefits You Receive

Your Earnings
Get paid every month from every sale by the sales person you referred..

Example: 10 referrals, each work part time and obtain only 3 sales a month. You can receive $72,000 for the first year. For the second year, you can receive $126,000, including the renewals.

Startup Help
You receive Training and world-class marketing material.

Ongoing Support Services
You receive help and customized marketing material.

Marketing Assistance
As you progress, you can receive your own website, Custom Flyers, and online marketing programs.

Professional Coaching
You receive personal help and coaching from an expert.

Career Advancement
Both part-time and full-time advancements are available.
As we grow, you could manage a Region, Product Line, or become one of our Managing Executives.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

There is
no cost to you

You can earn $72,000 first year
from just 10 part-time
Sales Reps that you refer

This is a permanent
part-time or full-time position

Work from home
any time you desire

You receive Training, Instructions, Marketing Material, and
ongoing Support Services

You just refer the people.
We do the rest.

About the Home-Based
Advertising Business Opportunity
that you Refer

They can earn $750
for each Standard Sale

They can also earn $72,000
first year
from just 10 Active Team  Members

Advance to
Executive Position

Receive  Training

Receive the marketing
and sales material

Receive ongoing
Support Services

Build a large Nation-Wide
Sales Team

Everything is furnished to them
Totally Free

They work from home
any time they want

You Will be Helping People
All Over
the USA

They can
Pay Off their Student Loans
in One Year

They can
Retire Early with a
good Steady Income

They can
receive needed
Extra Income

This job is Great for

--- You can keep your current job.

--- You refer in your spare time.

--- Stay at home Moms.

--- Want good steady extra income

--- Pay off your Student Loans.

--- Retired person Want extra income.

--- You want a new car, Totally Free

--- You want to buy a house for your family.

--- 15 active referrals can provide you enough money to buy a house


Interested in Becoming
a CityNation Affiliate?



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