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There are thousand of books and videos that tell you how to grow your business.

Plus, there are thousands of marketing companies that tell you they will grow your business. "Just sit back and give me gobs of your money and I will certainly grow your business." But will they guarantee it. Never in a million years.

But, the real trick is, how to grow your business as big as you want, with little to no money. And, that's what you need.

So, lets get started because that is exactly what we are going to do for you.

There are many ways to grow your business . And, 2 main ways are:

1) Merge, buy another business, or invent a really good product. This is the fastest way to grow.

2) Improve your marketing and sales capabilities. This is the most common. But, by its nature, it cannot grow as fast as merge, buy, and invent. On a chart, the grows looks steady and slowly upward. The only thing that you can change, is the rate of upward growth.

When wanting growth, the main thing to consider is "steady growth." Otherwise, you will eventually be falling behind, which means loosing customers.

So, you need an automatic method to keep growing.

And, we have to reduce your cost to nearly zero.

Which means that we have to keep our costs down.

The most common things that can provide steady growth are Advertising and Personal Interaction.

And, that's what we have been doing for over 30 years. We are experts at that stuff.

We are the ones that created The Greatest Marketing Invention
of the Century.

So, if anybody could help you grow your business on the cheap, that would be our CityNation Marketing Systems Company.

We have been publishing Advertisements for over 30 years, That's our thing. Online Advertising on the Internet is the way to go. And, the best kind of Advertising that has the best record of attracting new customers and retaining existing customers - is Coupons.

So, we will provide you a website with Internet Coupons.
But, that's not enough.

The next best thing that works, is Internet Contests, such as best dog photo, best hat, best joke, etc.
So, we will include "best Contests" on the website.

And, how about Articles and Stories, published on the Internet.

So, let's do that also.

And what about Press Releases for those events at Joe's Barber?
And let's include that, too.

Are you getting the idea of how we will grow your  business?

Because there is a lot more that we haven't told you.

And, what about your FREE Sales Representatives?
What do they do?

That's even more important than the Internet Coupons.

That's the personal interaction.

And, that's really where your Sales Reps use our world-class CityNation Marketing System to become a welcome visitor, who they become very interested in talking to.

Your Sales Reps are equipped with a variety of marketing tools.

Let's talk about the Coupons that the Sales Reps pass out.

It's the same monthly Coupon as will be on your website.

It's contents are aimed at all the employees in any company.

And, the business owner and your Sales Rep, talk about the Contests, the Articles, the products in the store, and the FREE Advertising they can get, and the FREE Gift that they can get when they visit your store. They learn that they have so much in common. And they talk about CityNation, how they can become a Dealer, and get the entire Premium Marketing System FREE for their business.

Are you getting the idea of how we grow their business?

Because there is a lot more, which we haven't told you about.

And, with 4 Sales Representatives doing this every day for you, you can imagine how your business can start growing.

Start a Second and Third Business Location

On your chart showing your business growth, this is where it will Jump Up and start a new higher exponential rate of growth.

So, if that's your thing. Do it.

Start a Second or also later a Third New Location for your business.

This amazing Marketing Program is ideal for starting a new business, or a second location for your existing business. Your success is a "No-Brainer" when you use your FREE Sales Representatives.

And for pre-opening or re-opening, use your Sales Representatives to promote your second location and get a ton of new customers, ready to visit your new store when it opens.

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This Marketing Program is designed to continually bring your type of business more customers and growing your business for as long as you want and, as BIG as you want.

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